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2019-07-01all: compile with -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2Solomon Peachy1-1/+1
2019-05-26misc: It's 'Fujifilm', not 'Fuji'Solomon Peachy4-4/+4
2019-02-26mitsu98xx: Start using lib70x -- 3D LUT only for now.Solomon Peachy1-5/+1
2019-02-26Add a note about lib70x support for the CP98xx model seriesSolomon Peachy1-0/+11
2018-04-20mitsu98xx: Continue to rejigger internals to prepare for library.Solomon Peachy1-0/+0
2018-04-18mitsu98xx: Use the gamma tables out of the $OtherOS driver.Solomon Peachy2-0/+1
2018-01-21mitsu9550: Support reading the 9810/9820 lamination data from disk.Solomon Peachy1-0/+1
2017-11-17All: Add 'SPDX-License-Identifier' headers to all source files.Solomon Peachy2-0/+4
2017-03-19mitsu70x: Major update.Solomon Peachy2-82/+76
2017-03-17mitsu70x: Enhancements for the D80 in Superfine modeSolomon Peachy2-345/+411
2017-03-16lib70x: Update to 0.5Solomon Peachy1-75/+74
2017-03-15lib70x: Several bugfixes to the library, plus a pile of cleanups.Solomon Peachy3-93/+72
2017-03-14lib70x: Further cleanups, and add an API version query.Solomon Peachy2-15/+32
2017-03-14lib70x: Minor updates and cleanups; no functional changes.Solomon Peachy1-81/+77
2017-01-13Update library READMEs to include the ldconfig stuff.gutenprint_5.2.12aSolomon Peachy1-0/+6
2016-12-02lib70x: Add in the latest "v4.0" CPC files for the EK305.Solomon Peachy2-5460/+5460
2016-12-02lib70x: Convert all cpc files to UNIX line endings.Solomon Peachy13-35516/+35516
2016-10-19lib70x: Fix crashes and other fun in the rewind code.Solomon Peachy1-12/+10
2016-10-19lib70x: Implement rewind detection support. Disabled for the moment.Solomon Peachy2-7/+226
2016-10-06mitsu70x: default data path should be /usr/local instead.Solomon Peachy1-1/+1
2016-10-05mitsu70x: Bundle the library and rearrange a few things.Solomon Peachy27-0/+36935