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@ -21,18 +21,21 @@ video output, and collects its data using one of the RPi's GPIOs.
The dashboard rendering, data acquiition, and ALDL protocol handling
are modular, so this code should be easily extendible to other vehicles
and computing platforms.
and computing platforms.
Requires the wiringPi, SDL2, and SDL2_ttf libraries.
Currently only supports the A179 datastream, used by, among others,
1992-1995 C/K trucks with manual transmissions.
NOTE: Physical interfacing of the vehicle to the RPi is beyond the
scope of this README. Do not blame me if you blow up your RPi or the
ECU on your vehicle!
This software was written to meet my own needs, but I'm releasing it under
the GNU GPLv3 in the hopes that others will find it useful. I'd appreciate
an email if that's the case!
Solomon Peachy
pizza AT shaftnet DOT org
January 2019

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Non-exclusive TODO:
* Additional data streams (patches welcome!)
* Better flesh out dashboard
* More explicit modes (driving/stopped..?)
* better use of color
* Additional data
* GPS support
* Data logging
* ???
* Profit