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The cw1200 driver has been accepted into the upstream linux kernel; it
will be present in the 3.11-rc and newer releases. Consequently it will
be part of the 3.11-rc and newer compat-drivers/backports releases.
Once that occurs, this git repository will become largely irrelevant,
2013-07-03 21:14:45 -04:00
though there will be at least three out-of-tree patches:
2013-07-03 21:14:45 -04:00
* Support kernels older than 2.6.36 (will be merged into backports)
* ETF mode operation
* ITP mode operation
Down the line, these changes are anticipated:
* Devicetree bindings for the cw1200 driver (SPI and SDIO)
* Support for the cw1x50/cw1x60 (depends on hardware availability)
Also, I don't have permission to redistribute the device firmware, nor
do I have any contacts that still work for ST-E. You will need to
contact your module vendor for appropriate firmware.