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ChangeLog of the gpligc & ogie project
Version 1.10 03/2016
+ license changed to GPLv3
+ package migrated to autotools (./configure && make && make install)
+ gpsd / osmesa are optional (--without-gpsd, --disable-osmesa)
+ Windows build platform changed to MinGW32/MSYS
using freeglut 2.8.1, jpeg-9a
new makedist (packaging skript for windows-dist)
- "official" MacOSX support dropped
MacOSX: have a look at the instructions in the 1.9 manual, you can try to
apply them to newer versions. I just dont have time (and Mac-ware) to do
+ gui integrated into one main window
+ map features improved
+ window_width, window_height added to config
+ resize (key-y) repaired
+ startup / introtext (info, if no file opened)
+ check_config repaired
+ gnuplot terminal modes updated / checked (qt/x11) added
+ adapted to perl >5.16 (deprecated defined (@array) warnings removed)
+ memory leak in accuracy plotting removed
+ display of "start" and "finish" in barogram fixed
+ task waypoints with coordinates 0.0N/0.0E/W will be ignored
+ task editor takes radius factors to scale each waypoints cylinder-size
+ $config{'starting_line'} length of starting line in km
+ Task editor bugs fixed (append on empty task, etc)
+ warning on double alt calibration
+ -32768 in DEM is recognised as 'no-data' (ocean), e.g. for use with srtm3 (v4.1)
+ code adapted to freeglut 2.8.1
+ gps live-mode repaired, switched to libgpsmm and GPSD_API_MAJOR_VERSION 5
this requires gpsd >= 2.96
+ --gpsd--server and --gpsd-port (connect to local or remote gpsd's)
+ new installation procedure
+ manual updated
+ moved to git (last CVS tag: last-CVS-before-svn)
===> branch-1.9 (tag gpligc-1)
Version 1.9.1 x/201y
+ bugfix: fvw map-on "M" after zooming in map display fail
+ mapdownload URLs changed (probs with gm terrain and sat)
+ #-key re-downloads maps
+ known Bugs: freeglut 2.8. menus dont work
Version 1.9 3/2011
+ configfile renamed (.ogierc and .gpligcrc) unix-platforms
on win it is gpligc.ini and ogie.ini
+ openstreetmaps can be used now! (needs internet connection and Imager module)
+ geo-tagging feature added (using ExifTool)
+ scrolling in FVW disabled
+ B-record extensions SIU (sats in use), FXA, VXA (hor./Vert. Accuracy) and RPM
used plots added. Info in FVW.
+ gpsbabel can be used to download tracks (config{'gpsbabel_tdownload'})
+ fvw has some layout options
+ win32 build platform changed to Cygwin 1.7 (win95/98/Me support discontinued)
+ menu-bugs fixed (flying renamed to movie, help and about)
+ doubled lines in info-text fixed
+ lat/lon in info text
+ unwanted movements (leaving menus etc) filtered
+ automatic landscape reload in gpsd mode
+ switched to new gpsd protocol (gpsd 2.95)
+ waypoints can be displayed from waypoints-file
+ edges of maps improved
Version 1.8 2/2010
+ script recognises WinVista now
GPLIGC/ogie successfully tested on WinVista Home
+ checks for gmake and uses make as fallback (thanks florian)
+ --gpsd (ogie needs to be build with gpsd support) asks for compilation with gpsd support
+ --ortho: track is always plotted on top of the terrain
+ new options for 2D orthographic mode (can be used in 3d as well):
--shading-scale float (1-1000)
--light-direction int (1-8)
+ Map Set Menu Bug fixed (crash without map sets)
+ installation script for mac improved (echo -n problem, path for macports
in Makefile)
+ -tdf target in Makefile (fixing an issue on OSX 10.4)
+ include issue for MACOSX fixed (points.cpp)
+ makefile for osmesa repaired (tested with static Mesa 7.4.1)
+ simulated annealing algorithm implemented (just for fun)
+ subsampling
+ gnuplot_terminal_app bug corrected
+ bug in plots (gnuplot 4.x) because of non-posix redirection fixed
(see 1.7 ERRATA)
Version 1.7 4/2009
+ gcc-4.3 compliance also for utilities
+ shadow & curtain / seafloor bug corrected (thanks to David Robertson)
+ Lifts from GPLIGC output (wave positions etc) (--liftsfile)
+ TEXT_COLOR_[R|G|B] float. color for Text at lifts
+ LIFTS_COLOR_[R|G|B] float. color for lifts
+ --lifts-info-mode (pos1 / end)
+ shift-page-up/down increasing/decreasing textsize for lifts
+ --text-size --text-width --marker-size
+ F11 zoom to selected range (by F5/F6) F12 resets F5/F6
+ air-groundspeed diff plots in F5/F6/F7 statistics (config{'wind_analysis'})
+ Total energy compensated vario. Requires Airspeed (e.g. from Zander)
or rough guess using groundspeed (config{'te_vario_fallback'})
+ config {'draw_task'} and 'draw_wpcyl' to change default behaviour in fvw
+ Additional info and altitude calibration can be saved in .gpi file
+ Additional flight Info dialog (pilot/date/etc)
+ gpsp2igcfile.igc (fork from creates igc-files with filenames
according to date yyyy-mm-dd-..
+ garmin read via gpspoint
+ copying of associated multimediafiles from defined dirs at mountpoint
+ Oxygen debriefing in FlightStatistics (according to FAR 91.211)
+ corrupt igc file reversed-time-bug fixed
+ pressure and pO2 in fvw
+ pressure altitude (reference 1013.25) (needs known QNH)
+ photos & audio/video files locator (from mtime of files)
+ Image::ExifTool is being used instead of Image::EXIF
+ $config{'baro_grid_large,small'} for gridlines (1000 500 default)
+ QNH/Reference Pressure calibration
+ Pressure plot
+ F10 to mark lifts -> in basefilename.lif
+ config{'skip_limit_minutes'} use corrected (now its really minutes)
+ config{'skip_del_first_after'}=1 circumvents a bug in my Garmin Geko tracks
(the first position fix after a break ('skip', e.g. tunnel or bad reception)
is wrong)
Version 1.6 10/2008
+ added (script to convert gpspoint tracklists to kml files)
+ merger added ... does not really works as expected
+ Manual installation / osmesa
+ gcc-4.3 compiler compliance (thanks to farkas levente)
+ bug in airspaces (GND definitions, partly over sea) fixed.
thanks to David Robertson for reporting
+ --airspace-wire-width sets linewidth of wireframe airspaces
+ --airspace-wire-col-[r|g|b] sets colour of wireframe airspaces
+ --ignore-elev-[max|min] options for ignoring an elevation range for
determination of max and min elevation for colourscaling
+ limits at longitude 180 and -180 killed
+ --clipping-[near|far] added
+ new colormap 8 (black-red-yellow-white)
+ bug with long --text strings removed
+ AUTOREDUCE (this reduces the DEM resolution automatically, not to exceed
MAXTRIANGLES - on by default)
+ --no-lighting (use with --ortho and upscaling)
+ --upscaling int (2 is ok, higher values will result in artefacts from bilinear
interpolation. Values larger than two can be used in --ortho with --no-lighting
+ --quads QUADS (Terrain is rendered using quadrilaterals)
+ FLIGHTSTRIP_MODE 1 (0=classic,1=alt,2=speed,3=vario)
+ MARKERCOL_[R|G|B], the colour of the marker is changable
+ --flighttrack-mode, --flighttrack-linewidth, --flighttrack-colormap
+ coordinate format dd.dddddd added
+ kml export added
+ gpx export added
Version 1.5.1 04/2007
+ loopviewer template script added (contest igc-file presentation)
- removed (used mapserver is out of order)
+ max osmesa viewport dimensions questioned from mesa
+ long paths bug fixed (thanks to david robertson)
+ existing screenshots wont be overwritten anymore (except with --os-outfile)
+ --check moved up (before any glut call)
+ SAVE_PATH, BASENAME config-file options
+ --save-path option to define a location to save screenshots
+ --basename option to define a basename for screenshots
+ text-background position
+ warning for osmesa (if not compiled in)
+ --text, --no-position-info, --no-marker-pos-info options added
+ thanks to antonio ospite for the new background and infotext-styles
+ online flight claim support removed (contests changed too often)
+ cylinder sizes 200m 400m added
Version 1.5 06/2005
+ Installation has changed PREFIX/bin PREFIX/share/gpligc
+ A rpm package is available for linux ...
+ .tar.gz file has changed (examples stripped,
more interactive options (compile))
+ Michael Schlotter's MacOSX installation howto added
+ --marker-time hh:mm:ss
+ AIRSPACE_LIMIT, --airspace-limit
+ --cycles=INT
+ SPINNING float, MOVIE bool, --spinning float, --movie
+ Airspaces with elevation definitions AGL GND above water with WORLD3.DEM
resulted in sub-terranean airspaces -> fixed (thanks to D. Robertson)
+ windows version should also accept opengligcexplorer.ini as configfile
+ MAXTRIANGLES option added. To set a limit for server use.
+ If maps are displayed uncoloured (unmodulated) with DEM, they are now lighted
+ MAPS_UNLIGHTED, --maps-unlighted, --maps-lighted to change dafault behaviour
of "unmodulated" maps
+ tested on Mac OS X (Matthew)
+ tested on OpenBSD
+ some changes in Makefile, minor issues (gl.. calles before glutCreateWindow
by accident). New Targets in Makefile:
all-linux-static: linux, glut and jpeg statically linked
all-macosx: Mac OS 10 (libjpeg statically linked from fink)
all-freebsd: FreeBSD
all-netbsd: NetBSD
all-openbsd: OpenBSD
+ binaries available for ppc-MacOSX, x86-OpenBSD, x86-FreeBSD, x86-NetBSD
and amd64-linux
+ compiling for osmesa-rendering improved (new targets in makefile)
+ histograms plotted "solid" by default
+ added altitude histogram plots
+ added support for Gnuplot 4.x interactive features (see manual)
+ Bug in F5,F6,F7-Statistics (while using ft-altitudes) eliminated
+ tutorial added in Manual
+ config{'skip_check' and 'skip_limit_minutes'} added
+ small 60sec bug in GPLIGCfunctions dec2time fixed
+ support for browser added for darwin (via open)
+ tested on Mac OS X (Matthew)
+ tested on OpenBSD
+ time calibration for photo series (calibrated value is saved)
+ option to display locations where photos have been made. Image viewer (option).
+ start flight view window when opening igc-file (default, can be changed by
$config{'open_flight_view_window'} => "o" or "1"
+ redesigned the configuration. Stored in hash. .GPLIGCrc based on key/values
+ a few more values put in %config-hash, can be changed in .GPLIGCrc
Version 1.4 09/2004
+ removed bug "MAP_FILE followed by blank line" (thanks to A.O.)
+ rotations with up,down,left,right keys (and with shift- ..)
+ rotations with mouse button, use marker as center if switched on
(thanks to a. somers for the new rotations)
+ mouse with middle button shifts position towards/away from center/marker pos.
+ shifting viewpoint up/down/right/left now mapped on mouse with middle and left
+ should compile on gcc 3.4 now (thanks to Gregoire Favre)
+ Airspace problem (cylindric airspaces with GND alititudes) fixed (thanks to
Klaus Haehlen)
+ Airspace Types (Q,R,P,D,C,CTR) can be switched on/off seperately
(using menus or AIRSPACE_x on/off)
+ --sealevel3, SEALEVEL3
+ shift-F9 Airspace wireframe mode, --airspace-wire, --airspace-transparent
+ follow mode ortho-view
+ middle and left mousebutton, for forward/backward moving
Communication between GPLIGC and openGLIGCexplorer temporarily not
available. This has to be rewritten and will be back in 1.5
+ checking for old configfiles
+ 20km Starting line for first wp
+ Filetype definition changed, should work with Tk804.027 (ActivePerl) now
+ Minor issues with Tk 804.027 (linux) fixed
+ Thermal stat and Glid stat list-click problem fixed (probably arised due to
Tk804.027 ?)
+ optimization for DMSt and holc implemented
+ olc-file output changed to "webbrowse to olc flight-claim form"
+ simple release time determination
+ begin and end of powered flight are marked in flightstrip
+ marks for F5 and F6 statistics marker
+ WP Names can be switched on/off
+ WP Sectors/Cylinders can be selected independently
+ Flight outside of start/finish unpowered flight is marked
+ F5,F6,F7 statistic range is coloured in barogram of FVW (also more statistics)
+ rubberband-zooming (right mouse-botton) corrected
+ WP presentation in barogram improved
+ some statistics for each leg added
Version 1.3 01/2004
+ workaround for data, where all altitudes are equal
+ Added joystick support (3 axis) (GLUT: win32 only, for X11 freeglut is needed)
(GLUT never supported joysticks on X11)
+ fixed GL_STACK_OVERFLOW in GenLandscapeList (green rectangle)
+ FGLUT_CHECK option added to check for freeglut (will give some improvements
in the future...)
+ --verbose (VERBOSE), --quiet, --debug handling improved
+ checking for max texture size
+ info screen with picture (select from menu)
+ MARKER_SIZE added (marker size can be changed using page-up/down keys)
+ BIGENDIAN option to select byte order of dem data
+ JPEG_QUALITY , --jpeg-quality
+ IMAGE_FORMAT , --image-format (can be rgb or jpg now)
+ parsing of configfile improved (recognition of bad keys and values)
+ NUMBER_OF_MAPS not needed anymore
+ code-cleanup config-class
+ help Screen
+ added menus for most important options
+ added menu for map-set-selection (right-click)
useful if more than one map set is defined in configfile
- right-click-move zoom disabled (need that button for menu)
+ added "loading..." indicator while building landscape list
+ integrated vario in flight view window
+ Some source-code beautifying
+ GPS-Altitude mode for flights, which dont have barometric altitude improved
+ baro, or gps-altitude can be used for gnuplot (buttons rearranged to fit small
+ statue miles/mph added...
+ Fix for WinME (start /B option isnt available on WinME)
+ added ReadLoggerWindow for windows version (SDI,LX,Zander so far)
Logger reading starts "data-xyz" (official FAI DOS-software) for each logger
Version 1.2 08/2003
+ --gpsalt and handling of flights without barometric alt improved
+ documentation converted to a pdf-document
+ Flightstrip can be color-scaled with all available colormaps
shift-F7,shift-F8 (prev, next colormap)
+ Flightstrip modes: classic, altitude, speed, vario
shift-F5, shift-F6 (prev, next mode)
+ world3 (can be merged from etopo2 gtopo30) flag for water-coverage
+ creation of DEM subsets with etopo2merger (from WORLD.DEM)
+ rendering time is mesaured in offscreen modes
+ Emergency-fallback to gpsalt (if no barometric available)
+ fallback to invalid pos.-fixes, if no valid ones available
+ Value template class introduced (code cleanup)
+ compiling with mesa (static linking) possible
+ x-server independend offscreen rendering (OSMesa)
for server use
+ no. of triangles calculation improved (with downscaling)
+ --map-set-name
+ MAP_SET_NAME (to name map sets in configfile)
+ PROJECTION [1-4] to preselect projection in configfile
+ SEALEVEL, SEALEVEL2 to set these in configfile
+ max has added cool new move-functions (try with mouse buttons pressed)
+ framerate displayed in movie-mode
+ movie-function can be delayed. F1 F2 -/+ 1millisec
+ timer delay can be set in configfile (TIMER_MSEC millisecs)
+ Movie function... (automatic marker moving) "I"
+ map tiles can be shifted by MAP_SHIFT_LAT|LON
+ jpg images can be used as textured maps (thanks to max)
+ jpges recognized as *.jpg or*.JPG
+ jpg textures doesnt need to have 2^n width and height, they will be scaled
internally, for performance reasons they should be scaled to 2^nx2^n before
+ Viewpoint will follow Marker (can be switched off with "M", FOLLOW true|false)
--follow --no-follow
+ MARKER_RANGE ("U") will show a range of the flight, only.
--marker-range --no-marker-range
The range can be set by MARKER_BACK and MARKER_AHEAD
--marker-ahead int --marker-back int
+ Bug in optmizer/GPLIGC communication fixed
+ take-off and landing time detection improved for slow paragliders etc
+ emergency-fallback if no "A" fixes available
+ -initialdir in openFile Dialog (win32) works now
+ small changes for win32 (space in filenames, pwd-memory...)
+ take-off and landing time detection more acurate
+ olc-file improved (t0, fstart, ffinish, sta, gid)
+ optimizer rewritten (more general) (slower, because we use real trigonometric
calculations now) altitude difference check
+ DMSt-optimizing (4 legs) check WP mindist 10km
Version 1.1 patchlevel 2 04/2003
+ few Bugfixes for windows version
+ installation script for windows version
Version 1.1 04/2003
+ checking for GLX>1.3 before using pbuffers (--offscreen)
+ Makefile (LDFLAGS shifted to the end of compilercall)
+ --init-pos-N, W, S, E, NW, SW, SE, NE, center
+ if no --init-heading and --init-dive is given, the view is pointing
to the center
+ marker-lighting bug fixed
+ --smooth-mouse, smaller rotation angles for smoother movement
+ --gpsalt uses the GPS Altitude, --baroalt uses barometric alt.
GPSALT true | false
+ Bug in get_gnd_elevations fixed (short int i1,i2;)
+ adapted the code to gcc 3.2
+ now using RCS (revision control system)
+ Bug in orthomode zooming fixed (in downscaling mode)
+ projection class introduced (4 map-projections)
+ Bug, which occurs when --no-modulate --grayscale (or --stereo_rx) --map were
given, fixed
+ Better color conversion for textures in grayscale modus
+ added 3 colormaps (4,5,6) and colormap 3 is a grayscale now.
+ --colormap-sea (colormap used for bathymetry, everything lower than --sealevel)
+ --sealevel, --sealevel2 (everything lower than sealevel2 will be blue)
+ etopo2merger added. A tool to merge GTOPO30 with ETOPO20.
+ createworld has some informational output now
+ --compiler : some information about build
+ Windows is supported yet! (compile with cygwin)
+ environment variable GPLIGCHOME is used under win32 as searchpath for rc-file
+ changed a few key settings to confuse people ;-)
+ prepared to work with Windows (ActivePerl)
+ 3d gnuplots error fixed
+ deep recursion error fixed. (when switching from last to first datapoint,
while zoomed)
+ now using RCS (revision control system)
+ ENL limit 50 added.
+ Windowmanager-exitbutton is caught, for correct deleting of tempfiles etc.
+ FlightViewWindow resizing improved (?! -- doesnt work very good...)
changed back to "y"
+ marker-pos and offset is set to 0, when opening file
Version 1.0 01/2003
+ new makefile for openGLIGCexplorer, createworld and optimizer
+ configfile is read from home-directory
+ --check option (needed by GPLIGC)
+ color-handling below minimum fixed (Landscape::getcolor), thanks to my brother
+ keyboard settings changed. (Marker moving: F1-F4, like in GPLIGC), Reset = F5,
Toggle Info = F6, Toggle Marker = F7
+ dem-elevation-colour and texture-maps usable at once (F8) (MODULATE)
+ --modulate (MODULATE true|false)
+ --quiet
+ --parent-pid (GPLIGC communication)
+ SysV IPC via shared memory between GPLIGC and openGLIGCexplorer
+ --marker and --marker-pos (MARKER true|false)
+ MAP true|false
+ Added conf.AIRSPACE, --airspace, AIRSPACE true|false, OPEN_AIR_FILE filename
+ Class Airspace, -> support for OpenAir-format Airspace files (DP, DA, DB, DC,
AC, AL, AH, AN, V X=, V D=. entries)
+ F9 Airspaces on/off
+ --perspective, --no-map, --no-modulate, --no-airspace, --filled
+ --gouraud-shading, --window, --no-marker, --no-curtain, --haze, --no-haze
+ --haze-density, --aov (and angle of view info)
+ Grayscale-mode ("shift-B")
+ Stereoscopic-modes: shift-"S" = full color mode with 2 images
shift-"D" = green/red, shift-"F" = blue/red,
+ shift-"A" swap stereoscopic images (left<->right)
+ shift-"Q" and shift-"W" decrease and increase eye distance (+- 50m)
+ --stereo, --no-stereo, --stereo-rb, --no-stereo-rb, --stereo-rg, --no-stereo-rg
+ --inverse-stereo, -no-inverse-stereo, INVERSE_STEREO true|false
+ --eye-dist (float), EYE_DIST (float)
+ --info, --no-info
+ offscreen rendering (using glx-pbuffers) --offscreen, --os-outfile
+ --init-lat, --init-lon, --init-alt, --init-heading, --init-dive,
--init-ortho-lat, --init-ortho-lon, --init-ortho-width
+ Initial positions changed.
+ improved
+ code-cleanup
+ tmp dir process-specific (allows multiple GPLIGC's at the same time)
+ check for optimizer, openGLIGCexplorer and gnuplot, before starting them
+ units added (speed in m/s, vertical speed in km/h)
+ optimizer: check-option (no arguments)
+ communication with openGLIGCexplorer via SysV IPC (Shared Mem)
Version 0.23 11/2002
+ Info text (F2 on/off)
+ units in infotext are changable (configfile)
+ movable marker (F3 on/off, F5-F8 Move)
+ code-cleanup (config::switch / fd)
+ Glide statistics Bug fixed
+ Bug in FVW Vario/Speed
Version 0.22 11/2002
+ elevation and time grid in barogram of flightviewwindow
+ start and finish time and waypoint ticmarks in barogram
+ 10' grid in FlightViewWindow
+ absolute elevation calibration ("e" in FVW)
+ measuring (F5,F6,F7 in FVW)
+ thermal list and statistics (F8 in FVW)
+ glide list and statistics (F9 in FVW)
+ optimization output -> window
+ barogram (FWV) ->postscript output
+ simple FVW resize (press "y" to replot)
+ fixed info-text-bug
+ added support for NM, knots, ft, ft/min
+ save options-button in options-menu, reload on start
Version 0.21 09/2002
+ textured maps on surface from digital elevation model
+ downscaling factor (use fewer raster data to show bigger areas)
+ F1 resets to initial position
+ fast backwards (a) and fast forward (space) in ortho-mode too
Version 0.20 09/2002
- nothing
= Attention: You can't use this for OLC 2002 (use 0.19 if you need 2002 .olc
files). But olc 2003 will start at october 15th.
+ optimization routines rewritten (completely redesigned) (in c++) "optimizer"
+ optimizes conform to online contest 2003 rules.
+ output of ".olc" file (2003 conform)
+ checking of height difference (paragraph 3 olc 2003 rules)
+ closes all windows on closing or opening of a file
+ multiple windows of same type aren't allowed anymore
+ windows will be updated if anything changes
Version 0.19 07/2002
+ added texture compression through GL_ARB extension. It saves video memory but
slows down the texture loading time. Commandline parameters (--compression,
---no-compressio) default is to use compression (if not changed in
configuration-file). You can switch compression on/off "on the fly" with key
+ --query-gl commandline parameter added. Prints out some usefull information
on your openGL system.
+ changing of field of view angle (keys 7,8)
+ --airfield-elevation=INT (in metres) commandline option to calculate "offset"
+ Calculation of triangular tasks with 4 legs (start and finish on leg)
+ Speed and Vario Histogram plots added
+ labels in gnuplots improved
+ File type in Open File Dialog
Version 0.18b
+ fixed the "curtain height bug" again (I forgot to change it in the
Version 0.18 07/2002
+ latitude/longitude distortion in orthographic projection removed
+ height/width distortion in resized windows with perspective projection removed
+ use of digitized maps added (read MANUAL how to use this feature)
+ postscript output from FlightViewWindow
+ ./ added to searchpath for all icons
+ doubled waypoints in task will be deleted (DMSt: takeoff, start..)
+ Indicated Airspeed plot (if available in igc-file)
+ Engine Noise Level plot
+ powered flight is plottet green in FVWindow
+ "no-task-defined-bug" removed, also "all-waypoints-deleted" bug
+ rubberband-zooming in FVWindow (right-Button) (return to unzoomed with "z")
Version 0.17 06/2002
+example flight improved (512 -> 601km :-)
+ curtain bugfix
+ FAI Waypoint sectors
+ Bugfixes for 24:00 -> 00:00 bugs
+ Options menu cascaded
+ first-letter-of-wp-name-missing bug fixed
+ jump to position by clicking in the FlightViewWindow
Version 0.16 06/2002
+ weather haze
+ adjustable offset (height) between flight and terrain
+ transparent "curtain"
+ Orthographic 2D projection
+ better waypoint setting (insert, replace wp's)
+ output of "online contest" (olc) files.
Version 0.15 05/2002
+ version number increased :)
# nothing :(
+ terrain from GTOPO30 or GLOBE Digital Elevation Model
+ terrain Viewing without flightdata (can be used as an terrain Viewer! :)
+ terrain view in different colormaps, wireframe or shaded
+ configfile
+ cmdline parameters
+ mouse control improved
+ screenshots to jpegs
Version 0.14 04/2002
+ Bugfixes (GL Explorer Button in GPLIGC -> file open check)
+ openGLIGCexplorer starts as a forked child
+ so called "mesa-strangeness" (see 0.13) turns out as a bug in the authors
operating system (brain)... forgot to initialize a depth buffer, but it worked
on my nVidia openGL system.
+ openGLIGCexplorer can handle igc-files now. So you can use it without GPLIGC
(just start with "openGLIGCexplorer coolflight.igc")
Version 0.13 04/2002
# should be installed in /usr/local now...
+ I added an OpenGL Flightdata Explorer... :)
openGLIGCexplorer Version 0.13_B_
+ small "mesa-strangeness" workaround
(included in GPLIGC-0.13.tar.gz downloaded after 18.4.02 1030 CEST)
Version 0.12 09/2001
+ We fixed a horrible bug in distance calculations for the scaling-function
+ Max rewrote some parts of the FVW-scaling
Version 0.11 09/2001
+ Barograph view in Flightview Window
+ File to open can be given on commandline
Version 0.10
+ FAI - task detection.
+ function for finding biggest triangular task in data (beta...)
Version 0.9 06/2001
+ Distance to WP in FlightViewWindow
+ Bugfix for some (Camebridge ?) files with doubled B-entries
+ Coordinates can be displayed in two formats in WPPlotWindow and FlightView-
+ Task-reader-routine has been rewritten, better now :)
+ Task-speed analysis
+ better Task analysis
Version 0.8 06/2001
+ Minor fix in igc2dec, south and west- coordinates will be treated right!
+ No distortion in flightviewwindow's zoom! (GPLIGCfunctions::Ausschnitt2
+ No distortion in unzoomed fvw (->no more distortion :) and centered!
Version 0.7 06/2001
nobody knows when it changed to 0.7 exactly, but there is
a lot of improvement.
+ add/delete waypoints from task, task distance calculation
+ zoomfunction in FlightViewWindow
+ task / wp-cylinder in FlightViewWindow
+ install script / installs in /opt/GPLIGC/
Version 0.6 pre
- Schilli-Module -> gibt viel bessere Tk-serienmaessig!
+ FlightViewWindow!
+ Statistik-Fenster (bisher nur Start-/Lande-/Flugzeit)
+ Gnuplots mit KM (anstelle von Koordinaten) (by Jan MW Krueger)
+ Viele Unterfunktionen / Code-cleanup
+ Bessere Task-Analyse
- track.dat (gespart durch effektivere Gnuplot-Nutzung)
Version 0.5 pre 10/2000
+ FlightInfo verbessert
+ Diagrammtitel=Filename
- Windows-unterstuetzung komplett raus: Hatte keinen Bock mehr "M$Wintendo" zu
booten um herauszufinden, dass dort alles scheisse ist.
+ Postscript Ausgabe mit Parameter "Solid" (keine dashed-lines mehr)
+ sub igc2dec
+ sub zylinder
+ Zylinder+Kantenaengeneinstellung unter "Options"
+ WP-Plot-Fenster
+ Plots von WP aus Task moeglich
+ gpligc.xbm bei iconifizierung
+ discus16.xpm 1/3 kleiner als altes discus.xpm
Version 0.03 alpha 4 02/2000
+ title fuer plots
+ FlightInfo Fenster (needs lots of work!)
+ 3d view control
+ grid-support neu (by Max JW Krueger)
+ ticslevel in 3d view auf 0 (idea by Max JW Krueger:)
- relief=>"solid" +relief=>"ridge" altes Tk hat "solid nicht"
Version 0.03 alpha 3 01/2000
Neuer Plot: Speedogramm (10Fix-Schnitt Ground)
Achtung! Math::Complex v1.01 hat fehler -> v1.26 !
+ @clearlist, +sub's dist+grosskreis!
+ FlightInfo-Fenster +MainWindow Layout
Reihenfolge der Funktionen neu sortiert!
V003a2 01/2000
+ Neue Plots: GPS-BARO-Differenz, Variogramm (10 Fix Schnitt).
+ Informationsfenster neu -> discus.ppm
+ Bereichseinstellung neu.
+ Ausgabe sub geaendert jetzt besser unter MSWin32
+ Modul modifiziert, Bug unter MSWin32 ausgemerzt.
+ Output auf Console reduziert, dafuer Busy neu und
output in
V0.03a1 01/2000
Diese Version lauft nun auch unter Windows.
Dafuer wurden einige Anpassungen an der "Ausgabe Unterfunktion"
gemacht. Die Temps werden jetzt mit "unlink" geloescht.
Anpassung auch bei `pwd`, was ja nicht funktioniert bei Windows.
V0.02a1 01/2000
GPS/Hoehe und 3d/Groundprojektion neu! "Schliessen" neu.
Anzeige von Datei und Berechnungsstatus neu.
Optionen "lines oder dots" fuer plot
Ausgabe als fig, ps, pbm, png und eps moeglich :)
V0.01a3 01/2000
Menubar, Datei Oeffnen ueber Fileselektor gesteuert
V0.01a2 01/2000
Tk Toolkit findet Anwendung. 7 Buttons fuer Plots und
*.dat Dateien werden am Ende wieder geloescht.
V0.01a1 01/2000
Erste Version. Aufruf mit <xxxxxxx.igc
Ausgegeben werden A-, H- und C-Eintraege aus der Igc-Datei.
Graphische Plots von:
baro: Barohoehe/Zeit
gpsalt: GPSHoehe/Zeit
track: Laenge/Breite
3d: Laenge/Breite/Barohoehe
latproj: Breite/Barohoehe
lonproj: Laenge/Barohoehe