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GPLIGC/OGIE for windows
Hannes Krueger
Bug reports / Support / Forum
Mailing list
There is a gpligc-announce mailing list, which will inform you about any updates
(extreme low traffic)
This mailing list is also used by the author to estimate the number of users
For detailed information about installation and usage
read the manual (GPLIGC_Manual.pdf)
Before the installation can be performed using the
script, Perl has to be installed. If you dont have Perl
installed, visit
to download and install the free Perl distribution.
Subsequently, the installation of GPLIGC/Ogie can be
carried out by running the script.
Dont run the script from within
the zip-archive. Unpack the archive first!
For running GPLIGC the Perl Tk module is needed
(installation details are given in the GPLIGC_Manual.pdf)
OGIE can be used from the commandline or from within GPLIGC
more details can be found in the GPLIGC_Manual.pdf
GPLIGC/OGIE is covered by the GPLv3 license,
which is included in the Manual (and file COPYING)
This zip package does not contain the full source-code.
The sources are available at the GPLIGC website.
The executable files of this software (ogie, etc.) are compiled
using MinGW / MSYS (
This package contains third party software:
freeglut is a completely OpenSourced alternative to
the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT) library.
freeglut is released under the X-Consortium license.
Ogie is based in part on the work of the Independent
JPEG Group. Ogie uses the jpeg-library functions, therefore
a compiled (using mingw) version of this library is
included. For more information see:
gnuplot 4.2.6 executable file for use with GPLIGC.
copyright/license details for gnuplot can be found in the file
more details/info/and sourcecode can be found at