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* Copyright (C) 1999 AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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* linux-wlan
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* Inquiries regarding the linux-wlan Open Source project can be
* made directly to:
* AbsoluteValue Systems Inc.
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* Portions of the development of this software were funded by
* Intersil Corporation as part of PRISM(R) chipset product development.
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23 years ago
- [CS] Need to look at the pcmcia_cs/include/linux/config.h issue.
David's overriding our include of the kernel config with his collection
of config items that pcmcia_cs cares about. Unfortunately, there's at
least one item we need (CONFIG_NETLINK) that pcmcia_cs isn't picking up.
- [USB] Integrate with usbmgr and new hotplug subsystem.
- [USB] Remove driver's port-reset when new primary firmware becomes
- [USB] Look into multiple posted URBs
- [PCI] Add PCI power management support.
- Figure out how to reasonably control powersave
- Consider a host WEP option
- Review changes necessary for static linking to kernel
- Update MAC RID to 802.11 MIB mapping document
- Update MAC feature to 802.11 mapping document
- Display the MAC and BBP partnum & revision at initialization time
- Perform a more effective I/O access test and an irq test at
initialization time
- Detect dead card and perform reset and reinitialization
- Get rid of frame copy in conversion (use skb more effectively)
- Add capability for 802.11 frames up/down the stack.
- Figure out the right way for the following OOB data to ride up and down
the stack:
- rx signal stats
- rx time
- rx/tx DCF/PCF
- rx/tx priority
- Add an lnx command to query the rx signal stats:
(cumlative should be a weighted average)
last beacon rssi
last beacon sq
last beacon noise floor
cumlative beacon rssi
cumlative beacon sq
cumlative beacon noise floor
last data rssi
last data sq
last data noise floor
cumlative data rssi
cumlative data sq
cumlative data noise floor
- X-Windows Status display (in C)
- GTK Configurator
- Scan/selectSSID/joinSSID + SetupPerSSID
- Shell functions to simplify wlanctl usage
23 years ago
- Finish the prism2 request responses for STA and AP
23 years ago
associate (currently only partially functional)
Access Point
- Finish the mibget/mibset
Prism2 specific mibs (represent all RIDs)
- Add event detection and notification of daemon
Access Point:
- Add event handling scripts for the events above
- Add AP support for power managing stations
- [PCMCIA] Improve PCMCIA event scripts
23 years ago
- man pages
- Add a HOWTO document for users
- Add a HOWTO document for programmers
- Review 'make config' for additional options and validation