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USB first release
Release Notes
This release is intended to get the USB support into the hands of those who
need it as soon as possible. It is most certainly not complete.
This release has been tested with stock kernels:
We use only clean kernel source trees from If you are using
a patched kernel from some other source, your mileage may vary.
Areas with open issues:
- Performance: I know we have some opportunities for increasing the speed
of the driver. The most obvious at this point is to have multiple
queued urb's. Right now, we're only using one.
- Performance: Under 2.2.20 with uhci, I'm getting only ~170KBps in both
directions. I'm not currently sure if it has anything to do with the
usbcore packet scheduling issues that were recently worked on or not.
The fact that I'm getting virtually the same throughput in both directions
make me think it may be the problem.
- Under 2.2.20 it only works with the "Alternate" UHCI driver (uhci.o)
- Need testing with the OHCI Host Controller Driver (HCD), I don't have
- Hot plugging - Differences in the linux HCD implementations for
different USB host interface hardware, different versions
of the HCD implementations, and some unique requirements
of the Prism2 device all create a difficult situation
with hot plugging. So far we've had the most success
with the following sequence:
- Load the HCD
- Plug in the Prism2 device
- Load the prism2_usb driver
<use the device>
- Unplug the Prism2 device
- Unload the prism2_usb driver
- Replacing synchronous command calls with asynch versions. Not all of
the event handlers have been modified yet.
- Integration with usbmgr and the new linux hotplug support.
- Add firmware download support.
1) Untar the linux-wlan-ng package
2) Cd into the linux-wlan-ng-<version> directory
3) Run 'make config' and make sure you select the USB option.
NOTE: the pcmcia, plx, and pci versions of the driver built from this
tree have not been tested at all. If you want to use a non-usb
device, I recommend you use version 0.1.10.
4) Run 'make all'
5) As root, run 'make install'
1) Make sure your kernel usb support is running
2) Plug in the Prism2.x USB device
3) Run 'modprobe prism2_usb' to load the driver into memory.
4) Run 'ifconfig wlan0 up' to initialize the MAC
5) Run 'wlanctl-ng wlan0 lnxreq_autojoin ssid=<your ssid> authtype=opensystem'
to enable the MAC in Infrastructure Station mode.
6) Run 'ifconfig wlan0 <your IP address>'
The driver and device should now be running sufficiently to handle IP