Updates for 0.1.12. More to come.

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* --------------------------------------------------------------------
- Made USB port reset in open() an option, DEFAULT IS OFF.
- Cleaned up the top edge of hfa384x*.c (needs some more).
- Added the notion of CMD vs. AUX format MAC chip addresses.
- Modified isgoodpdr() to accept anything less than 0x1000.
- Updated the wlan-ng scripts for the new open/close behavior.
- Fixed a bunch of issues that caused bad breakage for hot-plugging
the USB module.
- Added a module argument to enable/disable the MAC (or usbport) reset
performed in prism2sta_open().
- Moved the port reset corereset() and the call to the open(). This
gets the port reset out of the probe_usb() context and appears to
solve the recursive probe problem.
solve the recursive probe problem in some cases.
- Cleaned up the overlength usb packet problems
- Added rmemreq/resp and wmemreq/resp support
- Fixed some of the 64-byte packet problems in a few commands.
- Note: hfa384x*.c are currently undergoing some changes. I believe
these changes have broken some things for pcmcia/pci/plx support. I'm