Changed Makefile for .c filename change.

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mark 2000-01-26 20:26:45 +00:00
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commit 34dce0f2b1
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@ -37,19 +37,19 @@ endif
CPPFLAGS = -I../../include -I../include -D__LINUX_WLAN__ -D__I386__
SRCS = prism2dl3.c
SRCS = prism2dl.c
OBJS = prism2dl3.o
OBJS = prism2dl.o
prism2dl3: $(OBJS)
cc -o prism2dl3 $(OBJS)
prism2dl: $(OBJS)
cc -o prism2dl $(OBJS)
cp -p prism2dl3 $(INST_EXEDIR)
cp -p prism2dl $(INST_EXEDIR)
rm -f core core.* *.o .*.o *.s *.a .depend tmp_make *~ tags
rm -f prism2dl3
rm -f prism2dl
for i in *_obj; do if [ -d $i ]; then rm -fr $i; fi; done