Removed some items, added the USB items.

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@ -44,19 +44,16 @@
- Add PCI power management support.
- Fix makefiles/ so we can work w/ RedHat 7.
- Fix obj directory usage in src/wlanctl/Makefile
- Add support for (dangerous) DisableALC command. See t02c6 RFM.
- Add support for 32 bit Tallies (t02c6)
- [USB] Integrate with usbmgr and new hotplug subsystem.
- [USB] Remove driver's port-reset when new primary firmware becomes
- [USB] Look into multiple posted URBs
- [PCI] Add PCI power management support.
- Figure out how to reasonably control powersave
- Consider a host WEP option
- review changes necessary to get AC's approval for kernel integration
- Look at making the bus interface (PCMCIA, PCI, USB) more independent
- Review changes necessary for static linking to kernel
- Update MAC RID to 802.11 MIB mapping document
- Update MAC feature to 802.11 mapping document
- Add support for data-only promiscuous mode (so tcpdump will work)
- Display the MAC and BBP partnum & revision at initialization time
- Perform a more effective I/O access test and an irq test at
initialization time
@ -83,7 +80,7 @@ Linux WLAN NG TODO
cumlative data rssi
cumlative data sq
cumlative data noise floor
- GTK/GnomePanel Status display (in C)
- X-Windows Status display (in C)
- GTK Configurator
- Scan/selectSSID/joinSSID + SetupPerSSID
- Shell functions to simplify wlanctl usage
@ -120,10 +117,8 @@ Linux WLAN NG TODO
- Add event handling scripts for the events above
- Add AP support for power managing stations
- Improve PCMCIA event scripts
- [PCMCIA] Improve PCMCIA event scripts
- man pages
- Add a HOWTO document for users
- Add a HOWTO document for programmers
- Fix 'make install' so it doesn't generate .depend files
- Review 'make config' for additional options and validation
- Move am930 code over to this package