Added the 0.1.9 block, started the 0.1.10.

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* Intersil Corporation as part of PRISM(R) chipset product development.
* --------------------------------------------------------------------
- Added lye's fix for the netdevice_t problem on various targets.
- Added an Ad-Hoc support patch from ????? (please identify yourself,
it's a nice bit of code and stays within the spirit of things). Adhoc
still needs work though. Remember, only the _first_ STA in an IBSS
should issue an MLME-Start.request. All the rest should scan/join
- Re-added the monitor mode stuff. At this point I guess Intersil won't
be taking it out. Many thanks to those who maintained the patches and
my apologies for the hassle.
- As part of the PCI stuff, rewrote the scripts for 'fixed' (i.e. non-
hotswappable) cards like the ISL3874 and PLX based PCI adapters.
- Added support for the dot11req_reset command. It should perform a
complete reset of the MAC and driver. Note that the MAC needs to be
completely reconfigured from userland after the reset has occurred.
Also added an internal call to the reset function when unloading a
PCI or PLX driver. We need this reset to make sure that the card is
no longer generating interrupts. Fixed this problem: If the driver
is unloaded, the card is still generating interrupts, and another active
device+driver is using the same interrupt....system locks up. DDT.
- Rewrote the PCI support for PLX and ISL3874. The rewrite was targeted
at 2.4.7 with additional code to provide backward compatibility for
2.2.x. NOTE: the PCI code still doesn't support the PCI power
management stuff. It will probably need more work when laptops w/
the ISL3874 based mini-PCI cards show up.
- Whoops, forgot to put this in the original 0.1.9 release
- Added support for the ISL3874 based mini-pci card. Also cleaned
up some of the PLX stuff (needs more work though).