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* Intersil Corporation as part of PRISM(R) chipset product development.
* --------------------------------------------------------------------
- additions to the MIB.
- Cleaned up wireless extension stuff a little bit.
- Add the Microsoft MN510 device ID.
- Finally fix the 'crash on unload' problem for 2.2.x kernels with PCI.

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@ -300,21 +300,18 @@ F) Run 'ifconfig wlan0 <your IP address>'
NOTE: USB devices currently integrated into the hotplug subsystem, and
use the /etc/wlan.conf configuration file.
IMPORTANT: Due to an issue with the current firmware in Prism USB
devices, the driver must usually do a port reset (which is normally
handled by usbcore).
IMPORTANT: Due to an issue with some versions of the Prism USB firmware,
the driver usually needs to perform a port reset.
Some combinations of usb low-level drivers, kernel releases, and
hardware don't like this, and usually end up generating a kernel OOPS.
newer kernels are much better in this regard. In particular, Intel usb
controllers are the most trouble-prone.
Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do about it until new firmware
becomes available. The good news is that the firmware developers are aware
of the problem, they have a fix, and the new firmware is coming, we just
don't know precisely when it will be available. It all depends on how quickly
they can get it through their QA process. When it does become available,
install it in your device using the Windows firmware update utility,
remove the "prism2_doreset" on the modprobe command line above and everything
will work just peachy.
The OOPS is due to bugs in the linux USB core, and newer kernels
(2.4.19 and later) behave much better in this regard.
However, the good news is that primary firmware 1.1.2 seems to resolve
the need for the port reset to begin with. Contact your vendor to
request this update.

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@ -49,7 +49,6 @@ Linux WLAN NG TODO
- Make the command-completion interrupt driven vs busywaiting.
- Possibly hook up DMA on the Rx side for PCI devices
- Further investigate lingering SMP issues
- Add a query of the ifstate.
- Move all of the wireless extensions work up to p80211 so that the new
MACs will get wireless extensions support for free!
- [USB] Remove driver's port-reset when new primary firmware becomes