Added lengthening of the max frame size to initmac().

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mark 2000-07-10 06:36:47 +00:00
parent cdede8cac3
commit ec6f5412aa
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@ -1099,7 +1099,12 @@ int prism2sta_initmac(wlandevice_t *wlandev)
/* Retrieve the maximum frame size */
hfa384x_drvr_getconfig16(hw, HFA384x_RID_CNFMAXDATALEN, &reg);
WLAN_LOG_DEBUG1(1,"Max frame data size=%d\n", reg);
WLAN_LOG_DEBUG1(1,"F/W default max frame data size=%d\n", reg);
hfa384x_drvr_setconfig16(hw, HFA384x_RID_CNFMAXDATALEN, &reg);
hfa384x_drvr_getconfig16(hw, HFA384x_RID_CNFMAXDATALEN, &reg);
WLAN_LOG_DEBUG1(1,"F/W max frame data size after set=%d\n", reg);
/* TODO: Set any internally managed config items */