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pizza 99bd38f733 Eliminate the last of the non-kernel PCMCIA stuff. 2008-08-12 13:33:16 +00:00
pizza 6c44b5e381 Clean up some of the old cruft in the build system.
We basically need a reliable way of getting the kernel version string 
and cross compiler (host cflags is useful too) so if someone has a 
better idea how to accomplish this, I'm all ears.
2008-08-12 13:17:35 +00:00
pizza f02f84b6cc 2.6.24 is now supported. 2008-02-04 15:06:36 +00:00
pizza 184e3f7953 Bump the version test. 2007-11-01 13:07:16 +00:00
pizza 2226658a8c More 2.6.23 changes. 2007-10-16 14:43:56 +00:00
pizza 15790a3412 Support 2.6.22 kernels.
Original patch by Tormod Volden, but modified somewhat to support older 
2007-06-20 14:45:49 +00:00
pizza 7ad827def4 2.6.21 should work okay. 2007-05-07 22:00:22 +00:00
pizza 120f54d0c4 Add a warning if a too-new kernel is tried. 2007-02-28 15:44:58 +00:00
pizza 1e7251bf2a Fix an error in the configure script. 2007-01-11 16:59:55 +00:00
pizza 1b73b92e55 prism2dl had the incorrect license text embedded in its header.
It is in fact MPL/GPL, the same as the rest of the linux-wlan-ng 

Thanks to the Debian folks, particularly Victor Seva, for bringing this 
to our intention.
2007-01-09 16:37:31 +00:00
pizza 2760a438af Fix from Chris Rankin -- make the Configure script handle PREMPT
2006-12-05 14:31:30 +00:00
solomon 41c5ea642f Buld fixes for 2.6.17+ kernels
Also include other fixes so we build cleanly on all 2.6 targets.
2006-07-22 14:49:36 +00:00
solomon 338fba6c72 Build fixes for 2.6.16 kernels. 2006-03-30 19:18:53 +00:00
solomon 831cf54cda Added lnxRSNAIE. 2005-05-09 13:35:39 +00:00
solomon 8320e5c8d0 Another Patch from Pavel Roskin:
It's not working for me.  Even if I only request the PCI driver, no
modules are built at all.  Not that I need 2.2.x support it, I just 
tried to understand how broken it is.

If Linux 2.2.x is to be dropped, then the Configure script should be
changed, and some PCI compatibility code needs to be removed from

Patch for removal Linux 2.2.x support is attached.  Fixing 2.2.x support
would be harder.
2005-02-09 22:09:58 +00:00
solomon 667ec3e7d9 A tweak to the configure script from Pavel Roskin. 2005-01-28 23:14:20 +00:00
solomon ad17de2827 Build system cleanups. I hope it still works on 2.4. :) 2005-01-25 01:41:44 +00:00
solomon 10efbbce7c Change the default kernel directory. 2004-08-04 14:55:27 +00:00
solomon 0dfabce914 make the version.h generation quite a bit saner. :) 2003-10-13 13:24:18 +00:00
solomon 30a1dfb7b9 card idents. 2003-07-28 15:29:22 +00:00
solomon 7a2d90d05b 2.6 notification. 2003-07-28 00:30:51 +00:00
solomon 779c26f9c8 bring the scripts up to level with the internal tree. 2003-05-12 21:31:24 +00:00
solomon be86dd541d more USB idents. 2003-05-12 13:28:47 +00:00
solomon 96b856d493 Initial 2.5 support in the build system, but USB does not build at the
moment due to some major changes in the 2.5 usb subsystem.
2003-04-03 14:06:27 +00:00
solomon fc52c1ab4a BUILD_DATE. yay. 2002-11-15 20:23:58 +00:00
solomon 87d437b46a Don't prompt for pcmcia sources if using kernel pcmcia. 2002-10-08 15:53:19 +00:00
solomon c87d5c2fd0 0.1.15-final. Plus a PCMCIA configure bug. 2002-09-23 22:11:44 +00:00
solomon 240a3ae190 Fix the cross-compile build. 2002-09-11 18:16:10 +00:00
solomon fb3d1bfee1 -pre8
And.. enema of the Makefiles.  Configure cares about cross-compiling,
the rest of everything uses the stuff that Configure tells it to.
2002-09-11 18:08:32 +00:00
solomon 9022845135 change of wording. 2002-09-07 18:13:42 +00:00
solomon 6451536fe6 work around braindead redhat kernel sources not having .config
out-of-the box, which breaks modversion detection.
2002-09-07 18:09:14 +00:00
solomon 4071c17f7b Fix modversions detection for newer pcmcia-cs. 2002-09-05 19:01:27 +00:00
solomon 7ee6c9b569 auto-magic kernel pcmcia detection. 2002-09-04 23:30:37 +00:00
solomon c978cc1d44 more kernel/non-kernel pcmcia compile fixups. 2002-09-04 20:11:15 +00:00
solomon 0cbb2c4551 More fixes. 2002-09-04 18:41:27 +00:00
solomon 7bff251407 Fix the modversions when you use pcmcia? 2002-09-04 18:36:11 +00:00
solomon bd487e5270 More Broken things in the build system. 2002-09-03 18:40:23 +00:00
solomon 82cdb7a660 .... all-new kernel version detection. 2002-09-03 17:47:11 +00:00
solomon 7b1a175fc3 init script fixes for modprobe path.
makefile shuffle.
2002-08-26 13:28:39 +00:00
solomon 0967d1a89c Changes to the Configure script; should make things a little more sane
for vendor-supplied kernels.
2002-07-01 21:12:55 +00:00
solomon 3d76c3cb47 Tim Miller's misc patches to fix the MODULE_LICENSE and pcmcia script
installdir stuff.
2002-05-14 17:13:51 +00:00
mark 74b7cc870e Pizza's PF_PACKET patch. 2002-04-06 18:39:32 +00:00
mark 79cf113c3a Added the hack to set CONFIG_NETLINK on the command line if the autoconf.h
says it's available.
2001-12-12 18:58:28 +00:00
mark 4259465a1a proskin's patches for no netlink, no install skeleton, and fix mkprintstr. 2001-12-12 18:34:01 +00:00
mark 588def8e83 Vragor's arm support patch for Makefiles and Configure. 2001-12-11 21:41:45 +00:00
mark 4ee7010d31 Added the PLX part number. 2001-12-11 19:09:59 +00:00
mark 5843338ed2 Added USB configuration option. 2001-09-27 20:54:52 +00:00
mark 696d51043c Updates for handling pcmcia/pci/plx builds. We no longer require the
presence of pcmcia-cs source when building for pci/plx.  Additionally,
if pcmcia isn't selected in Configure, the pcmcia source won't be looked
for or prompted for.
2001-08-28 12:26:18 +00:00
mark 6fb8eb605e Updates added to support the ISIL mini-PCI reference design. The PCI part
doesn't work yet, but the changes impact the PCMCIA and PLX parts as well.
I'm checking the changes in because I want the changes that affect PCMCIA
to get wide testing as soon as possible.
2001-07-07 19:48:14 +00:00
mark f9dc98cdc5 Removed WLAN_INSTALL_TYPE (sta | ap) 2001-04-06 16:24:38 +00:00