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pizza 82b621373d Update to latest 2.1.1 rev of the capture frame format. 15 years ago
pizza b338f8df8a Fix an error on the document changelog. 17 years ago
solomon ea88becf6f Latest capture header. 17 years ago
solomon 185d468de6 More up 17 years ago
solomon 3a49104da6 Bumped it to v2.1 17 years ago
solomon 614fd05f11 Pavel Roskin has made '' optional, so you can do things like 18 years ago
solomon a5558977f1 update the format slightly. 19 years ago
solomon 5132767e76 only print out LINKSTATUS messages if they change from our last received 20 years ago
solomon 8e85931317 update. 20 years ago
solomon 6015d22852 obselete. 20 years ago
solomon 24bdc241d7 updates. 20 years ago
solomon ca5aa7a270 support the new capture header type. 20 years ago
solomon 771e817a59 Documentaion updates. 21 years ago
mark 24570e693b At Pavel's prompting, I'm codifying the release policy. 21 years ago
mark da61ee8219 New file added for wireless extensions. 21 years ago
mark 1655f4d838 Updated for PCI, PLX, and USB. 21 years ago
mark 0cb1886afb Added this file from an old e-mail. 22 years ago
joellen a90865e30b Changed the comment header at the top of all the files to reflect the new company name. 23 years ago
joellen b61c9f7651 Fixed bugs in top-level Makefile. 23 years ago
mark ee2dad24de Updated the information to match the changes in Configure and such. 23 years ago
mark 198d740605 Updated the documentation. 23 years ago
mark a086d6336b Updated some documentation for the 0.1.5 release. 23 years ago
joellen adc2405dd4 Verified PRISM2 to MibItem Mappings 23 years ago
joellen 7552eb1d4e Changed the column order of the PRISM2 to MibItem Name Mapping List 23 years ago
joellen 4cc21ef06e Added HTML and text files for the PRISM2 to MibItem Name Mappings sorted by RID and by MibItem Name. 23 years ago
joellen c5776a7774 Removed ridlist.html and ridlist.txt 23 years ago
mark 8e0640cdc8 Added or refreshed the license and copyright statements at the top of 23 years ago
mark 3860705b7f Added the config.* files and made a legibility change to mysteries. 23 years ago
mark 4b6149c9fe Don't need it anymore. 23 years ago
mark 3e28a3af96 Created the codingstd directory and added the files to it. 23 years ago
mark 0e485dd005 Moved to the codingstd directory. 23 years ago
mark 3f8815f5c2 Added another mystery. Updated the version code to 0.1.3. 23 years ago
joellen f580566f15 Added documentation for 802.11 to PRISM2 RID mapping 23 years ago
mark bf89f70b23 Added more mysteries. 23 years ago
mark ca6d3d5f0d Added description. 23 years ago
mark 5f8183573a File to log unanswered questions. 23 years ago
mark b9f9d74491 Initial Checkin 23 years ago
mark ce1c49fdd6 Makefile updates for clean target 23 years ago
mark 1377f55cd2 Added makefiles for all directories 23 years ago
mark 1ef6c5abe4 Pre-trip, making sure everything is in 23 years ago
mark ab412afa83 Test commit, so Jo-Ellen can update. 24 years ago
mark 70a4ba58b4 Added file templates to doc 24 years ago
mark b6cac7486c Initial revision 24 years ago