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solomon 614fd05f11 Pavel Roskin has made '' optional, so you can do things like
'make clean' with impunity.
2005-01-26 22:01:07 +00:00
solomon 04df2e5867 Wasn't quite ready. 2002-10-31 00:30:45 +00:00
mark 807206bea8 First version of the new rc.wlan and wlan.conf files. 2001-08-28 18:27:39 +00:00
mark 610c837449 Used filename 'confog' instead of 'config'. 2001-03-19 15:24:36 +00:00
mark 286380fcdd proskin's and wwood's patches. 2001-03-11 02:29:48 +00:00
mark 2db5fcfd88 Removed the 'set -x' from the install target. 2001-03-10 21:20:55 +00:00
mark e110ea8b48 Some updates to the CHANGES file. Also added support for not overwriting
wlan-ng.opts when the version codes are the same.  MAN! what a pain in
the butt!
2001-03-07 19:56:26 +00:00
joellen a90865e30b Changed the comment header at the top of all the files to reflect the new company name. 2000-07-05 04:57:04 +00:00
mark ad564b5a0f Fixes for some makefiles. Added sash to initrd flist. 2000-05-17 19:27:19 +00:00
joellen cd03cb5650 Made modifications to Makefiles to handle the cross compile of the driver source and the compile of the "mkmeta" executables to use the host compiler. Changed a few intalls (soft link in particular of prism2_cs) and a few minor changes to the Configure script and 2000-04-26 17:40:31 +00:00
mark 8e0640cdc8 Added or refreshed the license and copyright statements at the top of
each file.
2000-02-08 03:35:44 +00:00
mark 8cb595b631 Fixed bug adding 'source' line to /etc/pcmcia/config. We were adding it
every time 'make install' was run.
2000-01-13 19:59:36 +00:00
mark 0da8d52000 Added install script (in Makefile) and the initial version of the
/etc/pcmcia scripts.
2000-01-13 19:48:09 +00:00
mark 6db08f9766 Added. 2000-01-13 14:56:09 +00:00