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solomon b4ac1c80f3 Patches from Debian, via Victor Seva: 17 years ago
solomon 614fd05f11 Pavel Roskin has made '' optional, so you can do things like 18 years ago
solomon 298487fa90 rename the man pages. 19 years ago
solomon 1201f0e514 fix a typo. 19 years ago
solomon 66ddad3941 manpath fixen. 20 years ago
solomon e735506524 man pages! 20 years ago
joellen a90865e30b Changed the comment header at the top of all the files to reflect the new company name. 23 years ago
joellen b61c9f7651 Fixed bugs in top-level Makefile. 23 years ago
mark 8e0640cdc8 Added or refreshed the license and copyright statements at the top of 23 years ago
mark e1f67fb1b5 No longer needed. 23 years ago
mark ce1c49fdd6 Makefile updates for clean target 23 years ago
mark 1377f55cd2 Added makefiles for all directories 23 years ago
mark b6cac7486c Initial revision 24 years ago