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mark 1655f4d838 Updated for PCI, PLX, and USB. 22 years ago
mark 4ee7010d31 Added the PLX part number. 22 years ago
mark 83edb3d84f Fixed -pre1 speficiation. 22 years ago
mark ed6794a73a Made PCMCIA the default build target. Others are off by default. 22 years ago
mark efe07b79bf Updated version number to 0.1.12-pre1 22 years ago
mark 7f93b8b93f Made USB open() reset an option. Default is now OFF. 22 years ago
mark 834ddb658e Moved the isgoodpdr() function into the C files so we can call DEBUG.
Added some UNKNOWNPDR codes and modified isgood() to return a good status
for anything under 0x1000.
22 years ago
mark afdcc883d7 Couple of cleanups after ISIL lab USB testing. 22 years ago
mark 34a76809b8 Removed the 'goto done' in drvr_shutdown() when the
cmd_initialize() fails.  Even if initialize fails,
we want to do everything in the shutdown function.
22 years ago
mark 508c9a44b1 Fixed resubmit for unlinked rx URBs. 22 years ago
mark 55924aa083 Added the shutdown routine for memmapped devices. 22 years ago
mark 02978d64c4 Added a 10ms delay after the urb_unlink(). 22 years ago
mark fb5e98a964 Added a shutdown command to the hfa384x_drvr set. It should be called
by the close() function (and is!).
22 years ago
mark 0e8ab8c309 Updates for 0.1.12, so far.... 22 years ago
mark 2a7f32ddf3 Moved the USB reset code to corereset and we're now calling it from
prism2sta_open().  This gets the reset out of the probe_usb()
context.  Note that this change will also effect the other targets and
needs to be tested.
22 years ago
mark 2ae3b25fdf Additions for USB flash download. I also cleaned up and extended some of
the macros for dealing with MAC internal addresses.  To make things
a little cleaner I introduced the notion of CMD vs. AUX format page/offset
22 years ago
mark 03b1c2bde4 Modifications to support building Prism2 for all targets (cs,pci,plx, and usb)
and modifications to support RAM f/w (tertiary) download.
22 years ago
mark 0e9c379724 Added hfa384x_drvr_* functions for cs/pci/plx. 22 years ago
mark 32457b30a7 Fixed all the compilation problems in 0.1.11-usbonly for building cs/pci/plx.
It remains to be seen if they'll run OK.
22 years ago
mark 0ea0345386 Updated to 0.1.12. 22 years ago
mark 6e53f550f9 Updated the readme.usb with noates about performance. 22 years ago
mark aab27b5093 Changed so USB is the only enabled target. 22 years ago
mark 211c176f6d Updated the text files. 22 years ago
mark 757d77ff41 Added some TODO comments. 22 years ago
mark 5ba2dd4a19 Updated the version number. 22 years ago
mark e696beb13e Fixed the urb data length field in the doXXX functions. 22 years ago
mark ba00c6d939 Finished new code for CTLX handling. 22 years ago
mark 87da592503 Added the Prism3 reference design CIS info. 22 years ago
mark c4180c0656 Added ifdefs for 2.4.x vs. 2.2.19 probe_usb argument list differences. 22 years ago
mark 6dec67b97f Updated to 0.1.11-beta2 22 years ago
mark ad002f46f2 Fixed the reclaim for the notify command in handover, also got rid of an
extra local variable in corereset.
22 years ago
mark 67b86bce10 Added PCMCIA reset in initmac() and added semaphore locking for the infofid
so we can do notify.handover.
22 years ago
mark 51999b2b7a Initial checkin. 22 years ago
mark 209207ba58 Updated the version number to beta1. 22 years ago
mark 05412e7c32 Whoops, forgot to fix the GFP_ATOMICs for kmallocs. 22 years ago
mark 1568fcdd15 Finished adding the queued command stuff and getconfig_async(). A quick
test on 2.2.19 indicates that _basic_ STA mode operation is working.
22 years ago
mark 8a46e55140 Fixed for host auth stuff. 22 years ago
mark 6e072db4b4 Just finished adding updates for queued commands. We're working w/

22 years ago
bs 66da69b518 The authenticateStation structure and request function failed to define and set, respectively, the required algorithm field as documented in the PRISM Manual section This prevented host authorization of stations in any mode other that when in the NONE (default) mode. 22 years ago
mark 3b86b247db Added a "ifconfig up" to the startup scripts for the new open/close
22 years ago
mark 7b183f2e88 Added a test for the private ioctl to only handle commands when the interface
is UP.
22 years ago
mark eee17bed6c Initial checkin. 22 years ago
mark fe9514ae23 Added our reset function. 22 years ago
mark 7302836655 Updates for usb development. Still not working yet just wanted to get
the current code into CVS.
22 years ago
mark e8292f2819 Moved alot of code into hfa384x.c in an effort to localize the changes
that will be required to support USB.  Primarily, all elements of the code
that used memmapped i/o (ioports, memory, irq) have been moved inside
22 years ago
mark 557c3bbe39 Removed a stupid comma from the LeArtery entry. Grrr, was that submitted?
or did I do it?
22 years ago
mark 61b3a28b2e Updated to build the USB driver. If hfa384x.c has to be rewritten, then this
makefile will have to change again.
22 years ago
mark 5843338ed2 Added USB configuration option. 22 years ago
mark c46d02d61a Updated the version number to 0.1.11-devel 22 years ago
mark 4a32390211 Added the new 406 PDR. 22 years ago