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pizza 2226658a8c More 2.6.23 changes. 16 years ago
solomon a6bd6d5e8f Forgot to patch this in, From Pavel Roskin:
1) The default target is now "all".  It would fail with a help message
if config.out is missing.  Both changes make the build system consistent
with Linux 2.6 behavior.

2) "make config" is on top of the help now.  We want to encourage users
to use interactive config and select the drivers they need.  It's now
described as "interactive configure" in order to distinguish it from
other *config targets.

3) New target "make help_noconfig" that only tells user about "make
*config" and "make help".

4) won't be built automatically if config.out is missing.
"make auto_config" would still work.

I realize that some users use custom scripts to build the driver, but
they should be OK.  "make all" and "make auto_config" still do what they
used to do.  The patch primarily affects interactive behavior.
19 years ago
solomon 614fd05f11 Pavel Roskin has made '' optional, so you can do things like
'make clean' with impunity.
19 years ago
solomon 040739edac generate etags too 19 years ago
solomon 9c59e5ba5c make auto_config is implied when running make all. 20 years ago
solomon fe7af060a2 Minor cleanups. 21 years ago
mark 495af7fbf6 Added a few small changes and the tags generation changes.:wq 21 years ago
mark b2df26455a Added the dummy target for tags. 22 years ago
mark 9b6e5b4567 Added gback's patch to fix the wext registration for non-pcmcia platforms. 22 years ago
mark 99d676cf23 Rather huge patch submission from Bob James of Rebel. See CHANGES for
a summary.
22 years ago
mark 69eaf98163 tgriffin's patch for mrproper/memleak/nullcheck/freeonsuccess. conf.modules
change is already there.
23 years ago
mark 1fd4643be3 Added jhicks patches for working with the ARM platform. 23 years ago
mark e110ea8b48 Some updates to the CHANGES file. Also added support for not overwriting
wlan-ng.opts when the version codes are the same.  MAN! what a pain in
the butt!
23 years ago
joellen 3d283f0e1e Added auto_config target to Makefile in all sub-directories. Added target to top-level Makefile to clean, auto configure and recompile just the kernel, pcmcia and linux-wlan. Fixed bug in Configure scripts to allow the auto configure option to not require an input file (i.e. uses config.out or as default). 23 years ago
joellen a0b40c4261 Added CROSS_COMPILE_ENABLED variable to Changed the default file name in the default_config file of Makefile to be a file in the top-level directory of the linux-wlan package. 23 years ago
joellen a90865e30b Changed the comment header at the top of all the files to reflect the new company name. 23 years ago
joellen b61c9f7651 Fixed bugs in top-level Makefile. 23 years ago
mark ad564b5a0f Fixes for some makefiles. Added sash to initrd flist. 23 years ago
mark b20218fe2a Added path to depmod call. 24 years ago
mark 8e0640cdc8 Added or refreshed the license and copyright statements at the top of
each file.
24 years ago
joellen 84e8633d9a Modifications through the development of mibget and mibset. 24 years ago
mark 36719d6c14 Added new make config stuff and ./etc install. Also removed the ./scripts
24 years ago
mark 11b5981c71 Added configuration script, removed an extraneous output from prframe. 24 years ago
mark ddaece9ada Added file clean stuff. 24 years ago
mark 1377f55cd2 Added makefiles for all directories 24 years ago