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29 Commits (3d7a066a273aa2f9ca8186ce37e0466d1e815f76)

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solomon 7564a31bac 2.6.0-test4 changes. 20 years ago
solomon 9380676de7 clean up the WLAN_LOG_????n thingeys. 20 years ago
solomon d9ac70501e updates. 20 years ago
solomon f243284644 deleted a few completed items. 21 years ago
solomon 5f9c5a4c0b updates. 21 years ago
solomon cf38f98c1f doc updates. 21 years ago
solomon 1ca589662f Fixed a polarity problem with a sniff argument. 21 years ago
solomon 771e817a59 Documentaion updates. 21 years ago
solomon f538e687e7 Documentation updates. 21 years ago
solomon 7b1a175fc3 init script fixes for modprobe path. 21 years ago
solomon f8f19fdcd3 Hotplug support! 21 years ago
solomon 3281c33831 More updates. 21 years ago
mark ccac8e81af Added an item to query ifstate. 21 years ago
solomon 28c8845a4b -pre4.. 21 years ago
mark 512d3c9160 TODO comment about moving Wireless Extensions code up to p80211. 21 years ago
mark 4259465a1a proskin's patches for no netlink, no install skeleton, and fix mkprintstr. 21 years ago
mark 7ad4e15149 Removed some items, added the USB items. 21 years ago
mark e8292f2819 Moved alot of code into hfa384x.c in an effort to localize the changes 22 years ago
mark 6a7f3628cf Updated for 0.1.10 22 years ago
mark da28c45531 Added PCI PM note. 22 years ago
mark 69eaf98163 tgriffin's patch for mrproper/memleak/nullcheck/freeonsuccess. conf.modules 22 years ago
mark b5d417638e Added an entry to fix some makes. 23 years ago
mark 8009df43b9 Added TODOs for the t0.2.6 release. 23 years ago
mark aa3d0fcafe Added a few more items. 23 years ago
mark 82c2ebe056 Updated for the 0.1.7 release. 23 years ago
joellen a90865e30b Changed the comment header at the top of all the files to reflect the new company name. 23 years ago
mark a086d6336b Updated some documentation for the 0.1.5 release. 23 years ago
mark 8e0640cdc8 Added or refreshed the license and copyright statements at the top of 23 years ago
mark 2d1a9094b6 Intial add. 23 years ago