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mark 41cc3881cc Changed initmac() so it will survive if cmd_initialize succeeds, but other
initializations fail.  This happens if we have a valid primary, but not a
valid secondary.
24 years ago
mark 3ad353ccf4 Removed an extraneous 'x' from the version info output. 24 years ago
mark 4ed12c2f49 Ifdef'd RAM and FLASH debug code out, enabled real code. 24 years ago
mark 0c349acb2d Fixed divide by zero in flashdl_write() and moved some things around to
support the debug messages better.
24 years ago
mark 432c044447 Fixed some of the debug code so we still grab the download buffer info. 24 years ago
mark 5a68b9ea19 Fixed name of debug log call. 24 years ago
mark 9868dee24a Ifdef'd the download access commands for testing. Will remove the ifdefs
24 years ago
mark 0e5ea85ddd Finished download functionality, ready for testing. 24 years ago
mark bb4230aec9 Added a whole bunch of stuff for download. Also added code to prism2mgmt.c
to be able to turn monitor mode OFF.
24 years ago
joellen 333e2cb4db Fixed bug in int_rxmonitor when setting CRC. 24 years ago
joellen 58384a6b67 Modified a few handlers for mibitems in mibset_mibget function. Added new API enhancement RID #define's to header file. 24 years ago
mark a5d1388fe3 Changed hw->auxen to be an enable counter. This allows multiple enables
and disables to overlap.
24 years ago
joellen f6bb3e9527 Modified wlanctl to print all request type commands, not just dot11req. Added support for printing all the mib items. 24 years ago
mark 7d27d17666 Added image construction and PDA crc. 24 years ago
mark 8fd24ebeee Removed the setting of tbusy to 1 in the txframe() return handling. The
IRQ handler have have already cleared it.  This was the source of the
transmit stalls.
24 years ago
mark 570becebdd Changes to try to fix stalling. 24 years ago
mark 9631bc8b62 Added clear of tbusy when hard_start called w/ tbusy set. Change the db
log level for some things in prism2sta.c
24 years ago
mark f8454d8a86 Made another change to tbusy handling. 24 years ago
mark fb2da14e18 Changed return values from prism2sta_txframe() and fixed dev->tbusy handling
in netdev_hard_start_xmit().
24 years ago
mark b6561fde70 Added a small delay between the write to the BAP select and offset registers
in copy_to_bap().  An attempt to get rid of the BAP errors we've been getting
from the txframe() routine.
24 years ago
mark 0ac131596d Fixed pda printing when reading card pda. More fixes relating to the
copy_to_bap() function.  We're still getting failures when writing to the
BAP though.
24 years ago
mark b0eb144b91 Fixed copy_XXX_bap() return value. If there's an offset register
indicated error, now return the value of the offset register.  Also changed
All the bap error LOG_DEBUG()s in prism2sta.c to print the result in hex.
24 years ago
mark 2a0a52f1b7 Removed the packet frees for failure conditions in hard_start(). Once
msd->txframe() is called, the MSD owns the frame and is responsible for
freeing it.
24 years ago
mark 560a9bb886 Put the call to readpda() back. It's not the problem. 24 years ago
joellen edc8a5b6f8 Edited build and install instructions for package. 24 years ago
mark 4f05a5683f For test: removed call to readpda() in initmac(). 24 years ago
joellen d011a76bd3 Fixed last of the few bugs as a result of testing mibset_mibget. 24 years ago
mark 62aa7f9e7b Changes to support download. 24 years ago
mark ee1b4ace46 Added code to handle PDR files. 24 years ago
joellen 18d2b5ac01 Fixed "make clean" dependency problem with metadef.h and metastruct.h. Fixed comment syntax error in mibset_mibget. 24 years ago
joellen 261f794b5e Fixed some bugs in mibset_mibget and added support for AuthenticationAlgorithms 24 years ago
joellen 135b26d373 Fixed conversion from Prism2 boolean to 802.11 enumerated type for PowerManagementMode 24 years ago
joellen 7fcd9fd510 Added code to turn off promiscous mode if group address count becomes MAX allowed for the case of going from MAX+1 (hence, promiscous mode on) to MAX where promiscuous mode shoudln't be on. Also, changed mibset_mibget to return 0 (success). 24 years ago
mark 3d9d570e91 Fixed return value when MSD returns an error in dorequest(). 24 years ago
joellen eb24c59a15 Fixed bug in mibset_mibget where an out of bounds array incident was occuring when adding more than MAX_PRISM2 allowed groups. 24 years ago
joellen 085bdb8ddd Fixed bug in setconfig so the function doesn't call copy_to_bap if zero length data. 24 years ago
mark 835a893074 Readded mgmt_readpda(). Got lost in CVS somehow. 24 years ago
joellen fe80cb0fa5 Fixed sytnax errors in SetGroupAddress. 24 years ago
joellen d654be6f5a Fixed logic errors in GetGroupAddress and SetGroupAddress functions. 24 years ago
mark 34dce0f2b1 Changed Makefile for .c filename change. 24 years ago
mark af7940f063 Moved the file from prism2dl3.c prism2dl.c 24 years ago
mark 2dd3c7b89a Rearranged the cmdline arguments to support flash loads. 24 years ago
mark 6c87551b66 Fixed some offsets while parsing the pda and fixed an output format. 24 years ago
mark bce8d4a134 Updated to match new wlanctl command names. 24 years ago
mark d00cebef83 Added src/prism2/download to Makefile. 24 years ago
mark acf905b03d Changed from an anonymous to a named union. 24 years ago
mark d6d9d2ec27 Added pdaread ioctl call and the decode and print of the pda. 24 years ago
joellen 6e4562bffe Added support for Group Addresses to mibset_mibget. 24 years ago
mark d66346a0e8 Changed to be a pointer. 24 years ago
mark 5964e65ccd Added mgmt_readpda(). 24 years ago