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mark aa3d0fcafe Added a few more items. 2000-08-20 03:24:26 +00:00
mark 82c2ebe056 Updated for the 0.1.7 release. 2000-08-13 06:31:55 +00:00
mark e03a06f9b9 Added a hack for LinuxPPC support, this MUST be fixed. 2000-08-13 06:07:36 +00:00
mark a8914038da Added 2.3/4 fix for the "unknown mode" bug fix. 2000-08-13 05:01:30 +00:00
mark 36b94786a6 Added the frame drop logic for pre-associated tx frames. 2000-08-11 17:31:29 +00:00
mark d4131f7580 Some OSCON2000 CA trip changes that I missed the first time around. 2000-08-11 15:25:22 +00:00
mark 0204d1c672 Integration of the changes during the OSCON2000 trip to CA. 2000-08-11 15:10:45 +00:00
mark ce58295de8 A 2.3/4 related update. I'm not quite sure what for. 2000-08-11 15:09:27 +00:00
mark aececbc343 Removed am930 from the list of make dirs. Just causes confusion right now. 2000-07-11 03:46:51 +00:00
mark 5f8e2bc930 Removing the am930 directory. Just causes confusion right now. 2000-07-11 03:45:43 +00:00
mark ec6f5412aa Added lengthening of the max frame size to initmac(). 2000-07-10 06:36:47 +00:00
joellen cdede8cac3 Added support to Configdata script to read IP addresses from input file before prompting user or doing the automated configuration. Added -h|help options to all Configure scripts to be able to print the usage info for the Configure script. 2000-07-08 19:48:51 +00:00
joellen 3d283f0e1e Added auto_config target to Makefile in all sub-directories. Added target to top-level Makefile to clean, auto configure and recompile just the kernel, pcmcia and linux-wlan. Fixed bug in Configure scripts to allow the auto configure option to not require an input file (i.e. uses config.out or as default). 2000-07-07 18:59:34 +00:00
joellen 2d527c4931 Changed all the Configure scripts to bash instead of sh. Added RANLIB to all the Configure scripts and Makefiles. Initial check-in of Configdata script. 2000-07-06 04:40:21 +00:00
joellen a0b40c4261 Added CROSS_COMPILE_ENABLED variable to Changed the default file name in the default_config file of Makefile to be a file in the top-level directory of the linux-wlan package. 2000-07-05 05:20:42 +00:00
joellen d2cb59a429 Fixed Configure script to write empty string for CROSS_COMPILE if
2000-07-05 05:07:55 +00:00
joellen a90865e30b Changed the comment header at the top of all the files to reflect the new company name. 2000-07-05 04:57:04 +00:00
joellen b61c9f7651 Fixed bugs in top-level Makefile. 2000-07-03 05:44:54 +00:00
mark d4484f3de0 Added "unhandled" messages for the info frames we're doing nothing with. 2000-07-02 15:20:04 +00:00
mark 75831a459d Added Brian Denheyer's patch. 2000-07-01 14:43:46 +00:00
mark 673f7b6f8c Fixed a naming screwup for txfid_stackempty. Fat fingered I think. 2000-06-30 18:36:16 +00:00
mark 3403fc0d8f Put the TxComp and TxExc events back into the code after testing w/o
proved fruitless.  Also added the DTIM event to the irq handler loop.
2000-06-30 18:24:30 +00:00
mark 150a10fdb5 Added the prototype for prism2mgmt_dump_state(). 2000-06-30 00:56:53 +00:00
mark e0a03be7b5 Added p2req_state_dump. 2000-06-30 00:54:09 +00:00
mark 72d4ac5caf Fixed the name of INTEN_DTIM_SET. 2000-06-29 13:31:53 +00:00
mark f1e709457e Fixed the EVACK_DTIM_SET macro name and added DTIM event enable to the
AP initialization.
2000-06-29 13:30:33 +00:00
mark 7dc5ab7f70 Fixed some calls to INTEN_ISALLOC, they should be EVSTAT_ISALLOC. 2000-06-29 13:27:59 +00:00
mark 26613a6648 Added constants, a stub handler, and an ack for the DTIM event. 2000-06-29 13:26:13 +00:00
mark 5ba12e069f Reduced the number of buffers we allocate. 2000-06-28 22:21:33 +00:00
mark b7b6da1b46 Removed the request for TxComplete and TxException interrupts in the
TxControl field of the tx descriptor.
2000-06-28 20:37:39 +00:00
mark 95667aa407 Made STA startup the default. Somewhere along the way this got changed
to AP.
2000-06-28 12:44:46 +00:00
mark 94b8ba4532 A couple of cleanups on error warnings and messages. 2000-06-28 12:41:23 +00:00
mark 0b5cf907dc Added some fixes for the rpxlite combination of kernel and pcmcia-cs. Mostly
related to the updates for 2.3.x/2.4.x.
2000-06-21 13:10:54 +00:00
mark 64dc35cae6 Commented debug statement out. 2000-06-16 00:20:06 +00:00
mark 6bc08b0db5 Added initialization for routing APs. 2000-06-16 00:06:34 +00:00
mark 6f35799dcc Added INC/DEC_USE for prism2 and p80211 modules. 2000-06-15 18:04:59 +00:00
mark f42a10aefd Updates for kernel based pcmcia. 2000-06-15 17:17:01 +00:00
mark 23da1fc5cb Removed the modversions include. 2000-06-15 14:16:09 +00:00
mark 32d0452194 Initial changes to support the 2.3.x/2.4.x kernel. 2000-06-14 15:04:53 +00:00
mark 57022341f7 Added an ifdef case for the new struct net_device name. 2000-06-11 16:22:34 +00:00
joellen 5c4caafcff Fixed the LOG_ERROR name. 2000-06-06 20:00:10 +00:00
mark 402f1422a1 Added code to deal w/ Compaq PCI card CIS stupidity. 2000-06-06 19:41:31 +00:00
mark 8f4eaa6a63 Fixes for some makefiles. Added sash to initrd flist. 2000-05-17 19:27:22 +00:00
mark ad564b5a0f Fixes for some makefiles. Added sash to initrd flist. 2000-05-17 19:27:19 +00:00
mark dc377dfab8 Fixed backward unhandled drop condition. 2000-05-11 21:51:49 +00:00
mark 5fc6ae5fc6 Added frame type counters and zero length fix. 2000-05-11 21:37:24 +00:00
mark 1d032de10e Fixed a syntax error. 2000-05-11 16:42:05 +00:00
mark 8ee4f39c55 Added a do-nothing case to netdev_rx() for frames with zero payload data. 2000-05-11 16:41:13 +00:00
mark 627cfda659 Fixed i,j loop in initmac() 2000-05-04 00:24:59 +00:00
mark 7b24c9b69f Added multi TX FID support. 2000-05-03 21:55:04 +00:00