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joellen 172ead397e Made a few more text edits to the Configure script 2000-05-02 19:15:44 +00:00
joellen f6805b483e Updated the text in the prompts of the Configure script to make things a little more clear. 2000-05-02 15:06:00 +00:00
joellen 67a10248df Changed the title of the configuration script from Linux WLAN NG to just
Linux WLAN
2000-05-01 17:11:47 +00:00
mark b04965289b Removed the HardHat cross compiler prefix. 2000-04-27 00:08:44 +00:00
joellen cd03cb5650 Made modifications to Makefiles to handle the cross compile of the driver source and the compile of the "mkmeta" executables to use the host compiler. Changed a few intalls (soft link in particular of prism2_cs) and a few minor changes to the Configure script and 2000-04-26 17:40:31 +00:00
mark eadf0ade3a Added support for suspend/resume. 2000-04-25 18:51:52 +00:00
mark bb8a14912c Added support for new bridge code and suspend resume. 2000-04-25 18:47:07 +00:00
mark 2eae5603e1 Added support for rejecting the CS_EVENT_RESET_REQUEST. We don't support
it because there's no event passed to the /etc/pcmcia scripts in
response to a RESET.  Since we have to reconfigure the card following a
reset (using wlanctl), we can't support it.  I added a log message that
tells the user to use 'cardctl suspend;cardctl resume' instead.
2000-04-25 14:29:31 +00:00
mark e31e7e0b57 Fixed some of the CIS output options. 2000-04-25 12:58:41 +00:00
mark 8a8c16347e Added new MII multimedia queuing based on DSCP field of the IP header. 2000-04-21 14:41:02 +00:00
mark 4dc40245cc Updated for version 0.7.0 2000-04-20 14:20:27 +00:00
mark 35f9480453 Fixed the 'generate' option. 2000-04-20 14:20:06 +00:00
mark 5be5861cdc Fixed module install dir 'append' problem. 2000-04-19 14:49:07 +00:00
joellen 12242417a7 Byte order fixes for the PowerPC platform. 2000-04-19 13:18:56 +00:00
mark 33185aed59 Fixed some of the error messages in mgmt_start(). 2000-04-18 17:42:57 +00:00
mark 1056606ebd Changed the ERROR and WARNING macros to include the function name. 2000-04-18 17:42:17 +00:00
joellen 2d3ff303a6 Removed byte swapping in PDR code validator. 2000-04-18 16:58:39 +00:00
mark 20b2d59e6b Added casts to make sure everything is 16-bit. 2000-04-18 14:33:53 +00:00
mark bed02bc4ba Fixed conversion of operational rates in _start() 2000-04-15 15:06:18 +00:00
mark ade19e3551 Fixed Makefiles for missing *.addon file. Commented out the current scan code.
It isn't done yet.
2000-04-13 10:51:27 +00:00
mark d11bca4ffa Changed the names of the local mib items. Removed some more sniffing stuff. 2000-04-12 16:11:40 +00:00
mark 47d788474a Added support for some driver maintained mibs. 2000-04-12 16:09:29 +00:00
mark 78ad07d9c0 Removed more monitor mode stuff. 2000-04-11 14:00:27 +00:00
mark c8fe806f13 Removed sniffing controls and Rx from prism2 station driver. 2000-04-11 13:39:05 +00:00
mark 3c6abf41e2 Added "addons" capability to Makefile. 2000-04-11 12:13:36 +00:00
mark 6f3eb6cf7d Added changes to support new Info frame types, cleaned up the Info frame structures, and
added some code to test the hfa384x scanrequest API.
2000-04-08 11:31:08 +00:00
joellen 975a60309c Modifications to support LinuxPPC. 2000-04-07 17:52:35 +00:00
mark 68bfaa7f52 Got rid of the warnings induced by the AP/STA split. 2000-04-06 21:52:13 +00:00
mark d512232069 Fixed a couple of missing word swaps. 2000-04-06 18:39:16 +00:00
mark 41bded023f Fixed a couple of outw's to use swapped values. 2000-04-06 18:33:33 +00:00
mark 69f5c04386 Added host2hfa384x_16 where it was missing. 2000-04-06 18:02:25 +00:00
mark 06393221b3 Added the wlan_in and wlan_out macros. Also fixed the CPU identification
for the RPX.
2000-04-06 17:41:15 +00:00
mark 907bb9bc15 Fix NIC identity reporting in initmac(). 2000-04-06 07:25:51 +00:00
mark c8cc725c51 Added an explicit ScanRequest to the mgmt_associate() function. This is
only for testing and should be removed when mgmt_scan is implemented.
2000-04-05 12:32:50 +00:00
mark 7d3303f22f Added ScanRequest RID structure. 2000-04-05 12:28:08 +00:00
mark dd63850de6 Added p2RoamingMode. 2000-04-05 12:13:38 +00:00
mark e50362eef9 Removed a version dependency. 2000-04-05 03:59:35 +00:00
mark ee2dad24de Updated the information to match the changes in Configure and such. 2000-04-05 03:36:30 +00:00
mark 064eeca151 Initial checkin. 2000-04-05 03:31:38 +00:00
mark 00bda6cb91 Added a hard-code of the TxRateCntl RID to the associate(). Fixes a dismal
throughput problem (I think the f/w defaults to 2Mb).
2000-04-04 21:30:09 +00:00
mark 6ef3118903 Fixed plugging so that _all_ missing PDRs are reported before we quit. 2000-04-04 20:52:58 +00:00
mark cf4ba55f67 Added support for the Z-Com dual voltage card. 2000-04-03 22:16:32 +00:00
mark c1e86fe048 Cleaned up the serial number display a bit. 2000-04-03 19:18:08 +00:00
mark 8507b7b4c1 Added the Z-Com card. 2000-04-03 19:13:28 +00:00
mark e5653257f5 Cleaned up the version identity and compatibility messages emitted by
initmac() at initialization time.
2000-04-03 19:04:45 +00:00
mark c18500eb91 Added Samsung SWL-2000N entry. 2000-04-03 17:32:41 +00:00
mark deb02ddfb4 Fixed the CNFAPPCFINFO_LEN value for this week's change to the CMAC api. 2000-04-03 04:03:05 +00:00
mark 71343cdfdb Fixed the dependency generation so it handles the obj directories
2000-04-03 04:01:36 +00:00
mark 74e8a09420 Fixed calls to pb_free when hard_start_xmit detects an error. When
hard_start_xmit returns a non-zero status, higher layers retain ownership
of the skb.  Therefore we need to free the pb, but NOT the skb.
2000-04-01 14:13:46 +00:00
mark 73e851712d Configure: Fixed the echo \c problem.
hfa384x.h: Date mismatch? I don't think I changed it.
wlandump/Makefile: Fixed target setup.
wlandump/README: new file.
wlandump/wlandump.addon: new file.
2000-03-31 16:18:57 +00:00