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mark f76937bfcb In hfa384x.h, changed dltimeout back to a UINT16.
In prframe.c, added a vim modeline.  Also testing the use of CVS with
distinct trees.
2000-03-31 16:00:49 +00:00
mark a2786bd850 Removed some debug output statements. 2000-03-31 05:47:27 +00:00
mark 4f26934b26 Fixed an unsigned to signed integer promotion in the timeout calculation
in the download code.
2000-03-31 05:45:42 +00:00
mark 7aab3c72bf Fixed a bug in the irq loop limiting. 2000-03-31 01:16:47 +00:00
mark 6824c9dff9 Added loop limit and module parm. Also fixed a couple of error debug output
2000-03-30 21:11:25 +00:00
mark 6c56a6dcac Changed the dev_info string so it's the same in both the AP and STA drivers.
Apparently that's a basic requirement for the way we're handling pcmcia.
Also, some fooling around in 'make install' left some small changes to the
file.  It's still functionally the same as before.
2000-03-30 19:04:13 +00:00
mark dc88ef4ad0 Rearranged some names for consistency. 2000-03-30 17:49:23 +00:00
mark 78c7348a81 Reviewed and fixed a bunch of MIB items for AP vs. STA differences. Also
fixed a few mgmt function items.
2000-03-30 05:26:01 +00:00
mark 1afad12812 Added some additional code for the AP vs. STA support. 2000-03-30 03:35:02 +00:00
mark b65348d736 Removed the initial indentation of the cases in the 'mega' case statement. 2000-03-29 16:51:05 +00:00
mark 0d7c5ce5d7 Filled in the AP vs. STA ifdefs with (mostly) not_supported and added comments
identifying the expected behavior when each is implemented.
2000-03-29 16:40:15 +00:00
mark a9f7443a5a Split the mibget/mibset code out into a separate file, prism2mib.c . 2000-03-28 17:48:32 +00:00
mark 044e583fb3 Added Brian Denheyer's patches for -m and -s cmdline options. 2000-03-28 17:47:56 +00:00
mark 6f6ac8978f Changed timeout time calculation to use division instead of multiplication.
2000-03-28 16:52:13 +00:00
mark 520669e4b1 Readded files after driver directory screwup (added files but didn't add
2000-03-14 17:59:14 +00:00
mark af56c261c5 Removed to fix a CVS problem. Will reinsert in just a moment. 2000-03-14 17:03:52 +00:00
mark 0bcec2c02b Added constants for WLAN_HOSTIF type. 2000-03-14 15:23:27 +00:00
mark 31ceaa35cb Added support for the variable WLAN_DEBUG. 2000-03-14 02:54:55 +00:00
mark 8808d944a5 Removed the reference to wlandump. 2000-03-14 02:53:33 +00:00
mark 3bbd74ee16 Added support for building/installing separate modules for STA and
AP functionality.
2000-03-14 02:40:30 +00:00
mark 31f2277635 Added config option for INSTALL_TYPE of 'sta' or 'ap'. 2000-03-14 02:11:09 +00:00
mark 1e8c3d5fb6 First checkin in these files' new home, prism2/driver. 2000-03-14 02:06:11 +00:00
mark 18a8cefcd7 Source files moved to the prism2/driver directory. 2000-03-14 02:05:13 +00:00
mark 38028e5b41 Fixed some more bugs in the architecture detection and handling in the
Configure script and the makefiles.
2000-03-13 21:33:26 +00:00
mark d2a0733877 Removed the PPC variable. 2000-03-13 19:44:02 +00:00
mark 5412f7068c Changes to support multiple target architectures. 2000-03-13 19:43:32 +00:00
joellen ae71c28917 First batch of changes for LinuxPPC. These were developed against R4. 2000-03-13 19:18:51 +00:00
mark 36050d9364 Readded Makefile because of the aborted move. 2000-03-13 19:14:17 +00:00
mark 312daae34a Started the move to the ../driver directory but had to stop, Jo-Ellen's
got changes that haven't been checked in.
2000-03-13 19:13:51 +00:00
mark 198d740605 Updated the documentation. 2000-03-13 14:06:28 +00:00
mark 775d8fef6b Changed the name of the STA variable group. 2000-03-13 13:32:23 +00:00
mark 38f490a8af I'm not sure why CVS chose these files for commit. 2000-03-07 18:15:28 +00:00
mark ea5d646bb1 Fixed clearing of the PCFInfo fields. It should only be done iff cfpollable
AND cfpllreq are both false.
2000-03-07 18:10:56 +00:00
mark b20218fe2a Added path to depmod call. 2000-03-07 17:04:06 +00:00
mark 26d9d30a6c Deprecated the old RID_PCFINFO in hfa384x.h and fixed the p2ReserveDuration
MIB code in prism2mgmt.c.
2000-03-07 16:56:08 +00:00
mark be2e3298b8 Fixed QOS GET/SET reversal and bad mask. 2000-03-07 15:25:45 +00:00
mark 6facf8ffe2 Fixed an extra space hosing up an assignment. 2000-03-06 02:48:29 +00:00
mark ef2fc34108 Bug fixes resulting from testing. 2000-03-06 01:05:44 +00:00
mark d3c8f8e8f6 Added removal of the scheme tmp file to share. Added a call to shared
to wlan-ng.
2000-03-06 00:43:47 +00:00
mark 80708ef216 Added a call to wlan_restore_schemefile in the error case. 2000-03-05 13:21:08 +00:00
mark 0eb3909c52 Added code to append the SSID to the existing scheme name and restore
the scheme after calling /etc/pcmcia/network
2000-03-05 13:20:16 +00:00
mark cf9bf95250 Added install for /etc/wlan/shared 2000-03-05 13:19:20 +00:00
mark 38c66df6f2 Added 'shared' file to contain functions used by the PCMCIA event and WLAN
event scripts.
2000-03-05 13:07:25 +00:00
mark 738e58d874 Finally fixed some byteorder issues that came to head w/ Jo-Ellen doing the
LinuxPPC port.  I changed the ieee2hostXX, host2ieeeXX, hfa324x2host_XX, and
host2hfa384x_XX macros to use the cpu_to_[order][size] and
[order][size]_to_cpu macros.  I also went through all the source files that
require byteorder stuff and added the include for asm/byteorder.h.
2000-03-03 22:53:38 +00:00
mark 91f6327bfa Added support for hfa384x_cmd_clearpersist() 2000-03-03 18:37:25 +00:00
mark 6314025868 Added new API elements for the Tx descriptor TxControl field. 2000-03-03 17:57:54 +00:00
mark 11d5710b97 Fixed qos_staticlevel to prism2 QoS type conversion (namely a -1). 2000-03-03 15:55:38 +00:00
mark 7748dd0d8f Added the USER MIB setting to the 'start' case. 2000-03-03 06:28:01 +00:00
mark b86f1c6e32 Added the USER MIB stuff to the opts file. 2000-03-03 06:21:50 +00:00
mark 1635c62266 Fixed more bugs in the new script. 2000-03-03 06:00:42 +00:00