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* linux-wlan
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* Inquiries regarding the linux-wlan Open Source project can be
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* AbsoluteValue Systems Inc.
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* Portions of the development of this software were funded by
* Intersil Corporation as part of PRISM(R) chipset product development.
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- Fixed the "converting eth in unknown mode" bug
- Added APM/ACPI suspend/resume handling
- Added PPC support
- Added Prism test command support
- Integrated patch to fix some structure alignment problems for ARM
- Added multi-transmit buffer support
- And much, much more.....
- Fixed usage of pcmcia scheme file so we're not stomping on the user's
scheme setting.
- Updated the wlan-ng script for the new config variable names and added
configurable download utility and a set of user MIB settings.
- Added support for the Samsung and Z-Com cards.
- Changed the name of the module (from pcmcia's point of view).
- Fixed the "echo \c" problem in Configure
- Added new and rearranged existing wlan-ng.opts configuration variables.
- Created a scheme for "addon software" in the ./src/Makefile
- Made some changes to the target detection conditionals in wlan_compat.h
to better support LinuxPPC (port isn't finished yet).
- Finally fixed the byteorder stuff to use (duh) byteorder.h
- Fixed a bad free of the TX skb when we signal an error to higher layers.
- Moved some code around and added rules to the prism2/driver (new directory
too) Makefile. This is so we build two separate drivers; one for STA,
one for AP. Both drivers are built from the same source files with
the code conditional on the WLAN_AP and WLAN_STA defines.
- Fixed the plugging in prism2dl so it reports ALL missing PDRs.
- Added an anonymously contributed patch that adds support for the -m
and -s cmdline options for prism2dl. Thanks! You know who you are.@-)
- Added some fixes to the dependency file generation.
- Fixed a flash programming timeout miscalculation...and fixed it again
when I introduced an integer promotion problem.
- Added the STA vs. AP conditionals to prism2mgmt. Note that this causes
a few compile time warnings. They're harmless and will go away in the
next release.
- Created the file prism2mib.c to hold all the MIB get/set stuff which is
getting a little out of hand.
- Added pcmcia config support for the Z-Com (supposedly) dual voltage card.
Unfortunately the engineering sample I have doesn't seem to work at 5v,
or it might be the code.....not sure yet. We're still a little
bleeding edge with that card.
- Cleaned up the version, compatibility range, and serial number
log messages.
- Added a loop limit to the interrupt handler. (duh)
- Changed the names of the driver modules for STA and AP. make install
then creates a softlink depending on the make config selection. One
note, both drivers report the same dev_info string to pcmcia-cs. Trying
to load both of them simultaneously would be bad (I have no idea what
would happen, I just thought of it).
- Changed a bunch of types and constants for hfa384x.
- Added functions for a couple of new commands in the hfa384x.
- Began adding support for the Prism2 unique MIB items.