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Linux WLAN package
This project was initially developed for personal interest and use.
It has since evolved into it's current state through the support and
contributions of many individuals who have taken an interest in this
project. We appreciate the source code contributions and bug fixes
from those who didn't want to wait on us and fearlessly dived into
the source code to either add a feature or fix a bug.
Contributions to the project are not limited to source code
and bug fixes. Addtitional contributions include (but not limited to)
reporting bugs, documentation, test results, helpful and enlightening
dicussions on the project's mailing lists, kind words and feedback
from users as well as commercial support for the project.
Additionally, we'd like to thank the vendors who have contributed
wireless network cards for testing the driver. To see a listing of
supported wireless cards, visit the Linux WLAN Project page at our
web site.
Below are some of the contributors to the project. Contributions are
made often. Therefore, the list is never "current" even in the
most recent release of the project. ;-)
This list includes contributors to the original linux-wlan Prism1
driver as well as contributors to this package.
deadparrot - an anonymous contributor who's been an enormous help.
You know who you are.
Robert Coie <>
Geoff Hibble <>
Yoshimura Haba <>
Dries Buytaert <>
Derrick Brashear <>
Tony Awtrey <>
Peter Teuben <>
hong <>
Greg Smith <>
Peter Kundrat <>
James Hicks <>
Erik Kunze <>
Larrick, Douglas <>
Cagle, John <>
Rob Braun <>
Terry Griffin <>
Ken Gordon <>
Pavel Roskin <>
Scott Franzyshen <>
"Woods, Will" <>
"Carr, Bill" <>
david <>
Alessandro <>
Jouni Malinen <>
Bob James<>
Calvin Fang <>
Jim Suhr <>
Vragor <>
Chris Rankin <>
Michael Carmack <>
Mark Taylor <>
Ben Gertzfield <>
Daniel Lyddy <>
Bryan Smith <>
Stuffed Crust <>
[Many, many more. If I've overlooked you and you want to be listed here,
send me e-mail and I'll fix it. I _know_ a bunch of linux-wlan contributors
are missing.]
-- Our Sincerest Thanks to all contributors, users and vendors
AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc.