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This project provides the base/skeleton necessary to develop
C/C++ applications targeting ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers.
Based on the MCU selected, it automagically compiles the toolchain,
support/peripheral support libraries, startup code, and an empty main()
function. Everything, even the toolchain, is supplied in pure source
Current hardware supported: (As of mid-2016..)
* Entire STM32 family (except for T1)
* Entire EFM32 family (except for ZG)
* Atmel SAM D20 family (will eventially add SAM3/SAM4)
Additonal MCUs from different manufacturers will be added as opportunity
arises. In theory, any Cortex-M-based processor with a functional CMSIS
port can easily be supported.
Down the line, I'd like to expand the scope of this project to include:
* Considerably better documentation (including prerequisites for builds)
* Running purely out of RAM
* OpenOCD-based debugging
* Flash image cooking/generation/uploading
I built this framework for my own personal (and professional) needs, and
I'm releasing it into the wild in the hope that others may find it
useful. If you find this useful, please drop me a line to encourage me
to keep working on it.
- Solomon Peachy ( pizza AT shaftnet DOT org)