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This is a simple client implementation of the CPNP protocol used by the
Canon Selphy CP-900 printer, and possibly others. I'm not aware of any
protocol spec being available, but it was pretty simple to reverse-
The protocol is fairly similar to the BJNP protocol used by normal Canon
printers. I've peeked at here
and there for hints and ideas.
This should be pretty simple. Just build it, there are no special
dependencies other than a Go compiler, obviously.
See --help for available flags. You can use --printer_ip/_mac to specify the
printer to send your job to. By default, the tool will send a discovery
packet to and send the job to whichever printer responds
first (and since regular non-photo printers speak a slightly different
protocol, that's often going to be just fine). If you're trying to send a
job to a printer not on your local network/broadcast domain, you can use
The program is pretty spammy at runtime, I haven't really tried cleaning
it up yet. Also, I haven't been able to use it much yet, so maybe it won't
work for you at all.
Questions, complaints, suggestions and misc. fan-mail are welcome by
e-mail: .
I hope I'll manage to respond, but I'm not very good at e-mail these
days. :-(