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CFLAGS = -Wall -Wextra -g
LDFLAGS = -lusb-1.0
CUPS_BACKEND_DIR = /usr/lib/cups/backend
CUPS_DATA_DIR = /usr/share/cups
DEPS = backend_common.h
SOURCES = backend_sonyupdr150.c backend_kodak6800.c backend_common.c backend_kodak1400.c backend_shinkos2145.c backend_canonselphy.c
all: gutenprint sonyupdr150 kodak6800 kodak1400 shinkos2145 canonselphy
gutenprint: $(SOURCES) $(DEPS)
gcc -o $@ $(SOURCES) $(LDFLAGS) $(CFLAGS)
sonyupdr150: gutenprint
ln -sf gutenprint $@
kodak6800: gutenprint
ln -sf gutenprint $@
kodak1400: gutenprint
ln -sf gutenprint $@
shinkos2145: gutenprint
ln -sf gutenprint $@
canonselphy: gutenprint
ln -sf gutenprint $@
install -o root -m 700 gutenprint $(CUPS_BACKEND_DIR)/gutenprint+usb
mkdir -p $(CUPS_DATA_DIR)/usb
install -o root -m 644 blacklist $(CUPS_DATA_DIR)/usb/net.sf.gimp-print.usb-quirks
rm -f gutenprint canonselphy kodak6800 kodak1400 shinkos2145 sonyupdr150