sonyupdneo: Decoding & Documenting the status messages.

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@ -554,7 +554,7 @@ struct dyesub_backend sonyupdneo_backend = {
* Strip out "JOBSIZE=" headers
* Send PJL header
* Send PDL payload
* Send PDL payload (every 9*256KB, do a status query..)
* Send PJL footer
PJL header and footer need to be sent separately.
@ -562,13 +562,38 @@ struct dyesub_backend sonyupdneo_backend = {
stripped. A footer seems to be needed at the end of the PDL block.
Another unknown footer seems to be sent before
No idea about actual printer communications, but it's likely that
printers use PJL "alerts" to get updates about active jobs, and
that other stuff can be queried via standard means.
Further progress will have to wait until I get access to
one of these models.
It appears that the printer status is tacked onto the IEEE1284 string: Examples:
MFG:SONY;MDL:UP-DR80MD;DES:Sony UP-DR80MD;CMD:SPJL-DS,SPDL-DS;CLS:PRINTER;SCDIV:0100;SCSYV:01060000;SCSNO:0000000000089864;SCSYS:0000001000010001000100;SCMDS:00000000002C002C002C;SCPRS:0000;SCSES:0000;SCWTS:0000;SCJBS:0000;SCSYE:00;SCMDE:0000;SCMCE:00;SCJBI:0000000000000000;SCSYI:0A300E5609A00C7809A00C78012D00;SCSVI:000342000342;SCMNI:000342000342;SCCAI:00000000000000;SCGAI:0000;SCGSI:00;SCMDI:110154
MFG:SONY;MDL:UP-DR80MD;DES:Sony UP-DR80MD;CMD:SPJL-DS,SPDL-DS;CLS:PRINTER;SCDIV:0100;SCSYV:01060000;SCSNO:0000000000089864;SCSYS:0000011000010001000000;SCMDS:00000000002C002C002C;SCPRS:0005;SCSES:0000;SCWTS:0000;SCJBS:0000;SCSYE:00;SCMDE:0000;SCMCE:00;SCJBI:0000000000000000;SCSYI:0A300E5609A00C7809A00C78012D00;SCSVI:000342000342;SCMNI:000342000342;SCCAI:00000000000000;SCGAI:0000;SCGSI:00;SCMDI:110154
MFG:SONY;MDL:UP-DR80MD;DES:Sony UP-DR80MD;CMD:SPJL-DS,SPDL-DS;CLS:PRINTER;SCDIV:0100;SCSYV:01060000;SCSNO:0000000000089864;SCSYS:0000001000010001000100;SCMDS:00000000002B002B002B;SCPRS:0000;SCSES:0000;SCWTS:0000;SCJBS:0000;SCSYE:00;SCMDE:0000;SCMCE:00;SCJBI:0000000000000000;SCSYI:0A300E5609A00C7809A00C78012D00;SCSVI:000343000343;SCMNI:000343000343;SCCAI:00000000000000;SCGAI:0000;SCGSI:00;SCMDI:110154
SCSNO # SerialNO (?)
SCSYS # some sort of state array? 22 fields. b19 is 1 when data can be sent?, b5 is 1 when printer busy?, b20:21 are 64 sometimes
SCMDS # MeDiaStatus: five 4-value hex numbers, last three decrease in unison (remaining prints). second one is 0100/0200/0300/0600, maybe Y/M/C/O?
SCPRS # PRinterStatus: (0000 = idle, 0002 = printing, 0005 = data xfer?)
SCJBS # some sort of job count?
SCMDE # MeDia???
SCSVI # print counter(s)? (XXXXXXYYYYYY, and X = Y so far. SCSVI and SCMNI are identical so far)
SCMNI # print counter(s)? (see SCSVI)
SCMDI # MeDia???