sonyupdneo: Initial IEEE1284 device ID parsing. Not hooked up.

(Need to pass USB bInterface field into the backends first..)
Solomon Peachy 2019-11-02 08:26:15 -04:00
parent 0dfd40efe0
commit 475749a881
1 changed files with 24 additions and 2 deletions

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@ -263,6 +263,29 @@ static int updneo_read_parse(void *vctx, const void **vjob, int data_fd, int cop
static int dlen;
static struct deviceid_dict dict[MAX_DICT];
static int updneo_get_status(struct updneo_ctx *ctx)
uint8_t iface = 0; // XXX need to extract this. FML.
char *ieee_id = get_device_id(ctx->dev, iface);
if (!ieee_id)
dlen = parse1284_data(ieee_id, dict);
// pull out what we care about..
/* Clean up */
if (ieee_id) free(ieee_id);
while (dlen--) {
free (dict[dlen].key);
free (dict[dlen].val);
static int updneo_main_loop(void *vctx, const void *vjob) {
struct updneo_ctx *ctx = vctx;
int ret;
@ -559,8 +582,7 @@ struct dyesub_backend sonyupdneo_backend = {
PJL header and footer need to be sent separately.
the PJL wrapper around the PDL block needs to be
stripped. A footer seems to be needed at the end of the PDL block.
Another unknown footer seems to be sent before