Mainline has multicut merged now. CVS shapshot from 2015-09-08 or

newer, or 5.2.11-pre2 or newer.  Patches are only here for historical
reasons now.
Solomon Peachy 8 years ago
parent 1de2cf6114
commit 6b8491bcad

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Here you will find patches against Gutenprint that enables multicut support
for every model that I'm aware of.
This code is not mainlined, and isn't likely to be in its current state.
If you are going to patch gutenprint and compile it yourself, I highly
recommend using the latest code out of CVS, available here:
After you install the patched gutenprint release, you *must* remove and
re-create your printer queue.

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BREAKING NEWS: As of 2015-09-07, Gutenprint includes full multicut
support. This will be present in 5.2.11-pre2 and newer releases.
These patches will remain for historical purposes.
You *must* remove and re-create your printer queue after applying these
patches or upgrading to a newer snapshot of Gutenprint.