Add info about the SELPHY CP820 (not sold in US or Japan)

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Supported Printers:
Canon SELPHY ES series
Canon SELPHY CP series (except CP520 and CP910)
Canon SELPHY CP series (except CP520, CP820, and CP910)
Kodak Professional 1400
Kodak 605 Photo Printer
Kodak 805 Photo Printer
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EXTRA_VID is the USB VID, in hex
EXTRA_PID is the USB PID, in hex
EXTRA_TYPE is: 4 for SELPHY CP520/910 (or other CP-series model)
EXTRA_TYPE is: 4 for SELPHY CP520/820/910 (or other CP-series model)
(See P_ANY enum in backend_common.h for more types)
If you have a model the spooler doesn't recognize but it works with
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NOT currently supported by libusb backend: (USB PIDs unknown)
CP520, CP910
CP520, CP820, CP910
This backend does not support additional commands

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# Canon SELPHY CP810
0x04a9 0x3256 blacklist
# Canon SELPHY CP820
# Canon SELPHY CP900
0x04a9 0x3255 blacklist
# Canon SELPHY CP910
# Canon SELPHY ES1
0x04a9 0x3141 blacklist