mitsu_p95: Document the differences between the three iSerial modes

(Need to add support for querying iSerial and reporting it, plus
 detecting mode 2 and suggesting changing it to mode 1)
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Solomon Peachy 2020-02-26 20:40:13 -05:00
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@ -785,7 +785,10 @@ UNKNOWNS:
* How multiple images are stacked for printing on a single page
(col offset too? write four, then tell PRINT?)
* How to adjust P95D printer sharpness?
* Serial number query (iSerial appears bogus)
* Serial number query -- Only via USB iSerial?
* U0 mode disables, U1 shows actual serial, U2 reports serno of '000000'
* Detect mode U2 and print a warning. However, changing it might
not be possible without going into service mode.
* What "custom gamma" table does to spool file?