Doc update for the newer CP series.

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@ -1370,4 +1370,17 @@ struct dyesub_backend canonselphy_backend = {
L == 5087264 == 1695744 * 3 + 32 (1536*1104)
C == 2180384 == 726784 * 3 + 32 (1088*668)
It is worth mentioning that the image payload is Y'CbCr rather than the
traditional YMC (or even BGR) of other dyseubs. Our best guess is that
we need to use the JPEG coefficients, although we realistically have
no way of confirming this.
It is hoped that the printers do support YMC data, but as of yet we
have no way of determining if this is possible.
Also, we have reports of the printer not quite behaving properly
in the face of multiple jobs; it's possible this thing may need a
backend after all, but more sniffs will need to be performed to determine
what the status readbacks (if any) mean.