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Solomon Peachy ffd39f19b4 sonyupdneo: Document the spool format and everything known so far. 2019-05-05 19:33:16 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 6c2bbd7933 sony: Minor updates. 2019-04-20 19:55:36 -04:00
Solomon Peachy fdf9336738 sonyupdneo: Add gutenprint-generated testjobs for sony up-cr20l 2019-04-20 09:12:25 -04:00
Solomon Peachy fe2cbc587c sonyupdneo: Add WIP backend for newer Sony printers
Covers these models:

 * UP-DR80MD
 * UP-CR20SL
 * UP-D898 / UP-X898

Includes sample files generated by Windows drivers.  Note that I do not
have USB VID/PIDs for any these models, and the post-parsing code has
not been tested.
2019-04-17 13:58:42 -04:00