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Solomon Peachy 641e4b049d Update .gitignore 2020-01-27 20:08:44 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 3db7884623 Build: Fix the backend data dir 2020-01-27 13:24:03 -05:00
Solomon Peachy de32543269 Build system improvements:
* Release target for mingw builds (binaries only)
 * Include Jenkins BUILD_NUMBER in the release package name
 * lib6145 is now built/installed/cleaned at the top level
 * lib70x is now built/installed/cleaned at the top level
2020-01-27 12:09:37 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 059c1e3f2e build: MinGW tweaks. 2020-01-27 09:15:31 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 9abe62b115 build: MinGW now compiles selphy_print cleanly.
Need to test it out. Especially the dynamic DLL loading.
2020-01-26 00:41:48 -05:00
Solomon Peachy d6109815c9 shinkos6145: corrdata size is always under 64K. So don't use size_t. 2020-01-26 00:30:06 -05:00
Solomon Peachy d4b8ec0bc3 common: Move dynamic libary loading definitions into common header. 2020-01-26 00:24:33 -05:00
Solomon Peachy d0d6ef32b4 misc: Clean up endian macros, eliminate use of ntohs and friends. 2020-01-25 07:33:52 -05:00
Solomon Peachy a42576e326 misc: Clean up some of the problems compiling for Windows with mingw
Major remaining tasks:

  * Forcing Non-blocking I/O
  * dynamic library loading (eg dlopen or ltdl)
  * Final linking
2020-01-25 07:15:02 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 81ec3d7c6a README updates. 2020-01-23 18:31:12 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 80fbd14428 DNP: Explcicitly null-terminate all response buffers.
Since the RX1 doesn't terminate the version string properly..
2020-01-23 00:06:01 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 930b5a1c04 DNP: Allow combining 2" strip jobs. 2020-01-23 00:05:56 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 9075680ac1 DNP: It's okay to combine jobs with no-cut-waste set.
(And update the comments on the 2x6 strip situation...)
2020-01-22 22:23:00 -05:00
Solomon Peachy a30fa619f1 misc: Correct a small pile of cppcheck/scan-build warnings.
No actual bugs, thankfully.
2020-01-22 11:25:06 -05:00
Solomon Peachy dcb76902fb mitsu70x: Only the ASK300 and D70/D707 can't rewind. 2020-01-22 08:04:57 -05:00
Solomon Peachy dba0189792 common: Move the "Parsed page" message earlier. 2020-01-21 22:46:31 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 1b8553a710 Common: Log successful job combinings. 2020-01-21 22:19:36 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 552a3f030a common: Tweak the page number displayed when printing. 2020-01-21 22:16:50 -05:00
Solomon Peachy a111a2559d Common: Major rejiggering of print job combining
* Decision logic for combining jobs is global, with a per-backend
   combine_job() call for the nitty-gritty
 * Job combining code now handles multipage jobs as well as
   multiple copies of a given page
 * Will attempt to batch multipage jobs
 * Automatically invoked every time a job is appended to a joblist
 * Only used by DNP and Mitsu D70 backends (so far)
2020-01-21 21:48:57 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 86907925fc DNP: Work around a bizzare short read scenario in the job footer 2020-01-21 20:32:20 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 288f06a634 mitsu70x: Report YMCO vs YMC format spool files correctly. 2020-01-20 10:34:28 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 626a49f05d Misc: Update address for FSF.
Also fix the copyright year for a few files.
2020-01-17 16:50:56 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 4380d91e2f hiti: Support job pipelining, and much improved job control. 2020-01-16 10:06:07 -05:00
Solomon Peachy af4fde17e0 common: Fix packed_bcd_to_uint32() computation. 2020-01-16 08:04:05 -05:00
Solomon Peachy de7bb4655b hiti: Fix incorrect copy accounting 2020-01-13 20:43:03 -05:00
Solomon Peachy a9b9edf192 dnp: Nuke an obsolete comment 2020-01-13 20:42:04 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 99f827badb README: Minor updates 2020-01-05 11:43:00 -05:00
Solomon Peachy e41a96c500 mitsu: Documentation updates, mostly for the CP9xxx series. 2019-12-25 23:41:31 -05:00
Solomon Peachy d3b8c2ae52 ... 2019-12-23 22:56:00 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 1ab0cf86eb mitsud90: More guesses about the status query responses 2019-12-23 21:58:05 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 3e1a536058 mitsud90: Tweak the output of the dumpall coammand:
* Fixed-width field dump (ie '%02x' instead of '%x')
 * Strip out common header
2019-12-22 22:39:38 -05:00
Solomon Peachy cfefb35bc2 mitsud90: Doc update 2019-12-21 20:49:36 -05:00
Solomon Peachy d38271dd58 mitsud90: Preliminary STATS support. Still need lifetime counter and FW version. 2019-12-21 20:45:04 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 56edf84790 mitsud90: Rejigger the serno query a bit. 2019-12-21 20:24:31 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 58f01a5f36 mitsud90: Figured out how to natively query the serial number.
Now we no longer have to rely on iserial support!
2019-12-21 19:50:14 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 872b8d6178 mitsud90: Fix the '-Z' dumpall command. 2019-12-21 19:49:47 -05:00
Solomon Peachy bdfb386246 mitsu: More notes on the 9000 and 3020 series.
...I really have to question my own sanity in this...
2019-12-20 23:06:09 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 26ef09742a mitsud90: Fix. 2019-12-20 11:38:58 -05:00
Solomon Peachy a5b2892476 mitsud90: Update docs and take a guess at a serial number query. 2019-12-20 11:37:26 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 11b59b7283 dnp: Fix a bad error test. 2019-12-19 21:59:59 -05:00
Solomon Peachy beed73bc9d ek6800/s1245: Support generic status queries. 2019-12-17 13:21:23 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 131765cedc sinfonia: Support generic stats query across most models.
(Everything but the s1245)
2019-12-16 11:00:35 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 8168777679 dnp_ds80dx: Log the duplex counter in the common stats output for that deck. 2019-12-16 10:10:57 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 77b7b12202 misc: version bumps 2019-12-13 19:07:13 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 388a25ab74 mitsu70x: Add generic common query support. 2019-12-13 19:02:42 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 78c7713578 common: Instead of "media" use "deck" instead, and each one gets status/lifetime 2019-12-13 19:02:34 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 4053794395 hiti: support global stats query. 2019-12-13 15:30:29 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 4da0ae1ce2 dnp: Support global stats query. 2019-12-13 15:30:29 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 5cf49d0dcb dnp: Sanely report model number for units that share the same USB PID/VID 2019-12-13 15:30:29 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 3b962df076 common: Support for common status / media reporting query.
Outputs in text form or JSON.  See README for details.
2019-12-13 15:30:28 -05:00