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Solomon Peachy 711d544561 kodak8800: Major improvements! Can now print successfully!
* Job query, canceling
 * Printer status for idle/completion detection
 * Many fixes
 * Head temperature


 * Report printer status in human readable
 * Better job queries
 * Decode sensor data & report (know how to report temperature)
 * 8x12 media handling/reporting
2 years ago
Solomon Peachy 20c43a4396 kodak8800: Add info/media/counter cmdline queries
* Fixed standard stats query
 * Still don't know how to identify printer status
2 years ago
Solomon Peachy b2f7e231a3 kodak8800: Fix some crash errors. Printer now properly queries stats. 2 years ago
Solomon Peachy 316710ca63 Add backend for the kodak 8800/9810


 * Did I menton testing?
 * cmdline tools to query/dump:
   * media
   * counters
   * error log
   * fw versions
 * Query major status (eg idle, printing, etc)
 * Detect errors at runtime (eg cover open, ribbon not loaded, etc)
2 years ago