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Solomon Peachy 854b25d05a kodak6800: Dump tone curve status too, and use some constants. 2015-08-27 21:41:47 -04:00
Solomon Peachy c2c423e773 kodak68x0: Move all command/response handling into a dedicated function
Also, the print command sends a response.  Wait for it instead of
sleeping, which is both faster and more reliable!
2015-08-27 21:14:09 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 535d0efea0 dnpds40: Add an early attempt to query DS80D duplexer status.
And it doesn't work on a DS80 at all, so further DS80D work will have to
2015-08-26 22:54:18 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 0351f8aa40 s6245: Doc updates. 2015-08-26 21:50:49 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 2b68e3bc83 dnpds40: make square print support a feature flag instead of model-dependent. 2015-08-26 21:49:52 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 540144e5e2 kodak68x00: move a bunch of DEBUG->INFO messages. 2015-08-25 22:58:38 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 5dda0018d2 all: Get rid of a little more getopt detritus. 2015-08-25 22:47:26 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 381e38365f s6245: Fix incorrect definition of print command, and set print method properly based on printjob type. 2015-08-25 22:26:04 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 3d8375d7c6 kodak605: misc updates. 2015-08-25 20:58:57 -04:00
Solomon Peachy d2b9ce6d3e kodak68x0: Major updates.
Printer shares considerable commonality with Shinko S1245

   * Revamped error detection
   * Greatly enhanced status decoding
   * Full ability to properly pipeline jobs
   * Ability to cancel a job in progress

Printer shares considerble commonality with Shinko S1245.
2015-08-25 20:33:41 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 70ace070e8 kodak605: Major strides on status decoding (and other stuff)
Major commonalities with Shinko S2145
2015-08-25 18:13:00 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 0a9811197f shinko_s1245: Fix printer detection, and library code. 2015-08-25 18:13:00 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 82ea661415 common: move uint16_to_packed_bcd() into common code. 2015-08-25 18:09:24 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 5d3109a05a kodak68xx: Figured out job status (remaining prints, etc)
Now fast return mode does something, as without it we wait until all
copies are printed.  Also removed a few delays that weren't necessary.
2015-08-24 22:24:46 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 78a4f8ec65 Documentation updates. 2015-08-24 22:24:08 -04:00
Solomon Peachy b343d56f1e all: Get rid of the remainder of the old two-stage cmdline parsing
All backend->cmdline_arg() invocations are done with intent to execute!
2015-08-24 18:49:51 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 3da69ee55b kodak605: Load media at attach time. 2015-08-24 18:49:51 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 183bca83a1 kodak6x80: Query media at attach time. 2015-08-24 18:49:48 -04:00
Solomon Peachy cc87cd1cc3 all: Add some print quantity range checks where we can.
Most backends don't verify against remaining media though.
2015-08-20 23:22:35 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 175f6a52d8 all: For printers that automatically generate copies, get rid of
leftover manual copy handling code.

The exception is the dnp backend, it needs do use manual copies under
some situations.
2015-08-20 23:13:52 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 0fb287cb1e s1245: Fix media sanity checking. 2015-08-20 23:13:09 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 28645830f5 s1245: Enforce the 5-points-per-response limit on media queries. 2015-08-20 22:41:58 -04:00
Solomon Peachy d4f00ec378 shinkos6145: Continuing to reverse-engineer the image correction blob 2015-08-19 20:01:52 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 2cffab375b kodak605: Further attempts to decode status messages. 2015-08-18 20:00:53 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 9db64590df kodak605: Forgot to query the results after sending the image header. 2015-08-18 00:39:13 -04:00
Solomon Peachy a4c60fc21f kodak605: Major update to bring code closer to the 6800 backend flow.
Also attempted to decode the status structure as much as possible.  No
idea how to determine "idle" vs "busy" or whatever..
2015-08-18 00:27:45 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 65f6138ce4 kodak6800: Update comments. 2015-08-18 00:13:29 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 71419234ef s2145: Ensure the requested print method is legal.
And get rid of some obsolete comments.
2015-08-16 21:58:14 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 813e3dc7b3 s6145: Ensure the print method is legal for the given print job. 2015-08-16 21:57:17 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 2f79246f81 s6145: Fix incorrect structure for media information 2015-08-16 18:23:43 -04:00
Solomon Peachy ab5fcdbe58 s6145: More fixes. 2015-08-16 16:17:26 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 27db7e69a7 s6145: Trying to decode the image correction parameter. 2015-08-16 14:50:26 -04:00
Solomon Peachy cdb10f5b36 s6145: ImageAvrCalc() really just does what it claims with no side-effects re-implement it.
2015-08-16 11:41:53 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 2c9652818a s6145: Fix compilation with libs6145. 2015-08-16 11:41:50 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 9089aefa26 kodsk6800: Enable fast return 2015-08-13 21:21:14 -04:00
Solomon Peachy db0c7d8b99 all: Eliminate the multi-stage cmdline parsing.
Unfortunately this means we lose the '-B backend' method, but the
overall control flow is much, much simpler now.
2015-08-13 21:09:56 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 0e91abe75d canonselphy: Log the job type before the job/printer mismatch error. 2015-08-12 23:15:53 -04:00
Solomon Peachy de8a32424c all: Unified approach to extra_vid/pid/type
This required a modification to all attach() methods.

Also, fix canonselphy's parsing/attachment code.
2015-08-12 22:56:29 -04:00
Solomon Peachy f67a8f8ea5 common: Eliminate early_parse() from backend.
only canonselphy used it.  This also showed that extra_vid/pid was broken.
2015-08-12 22:51:45 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 20f6d05b8a common: Rework the early cmdline argument parsing code to improve robustness
Also move fast_return out of individual backends and into common code.
2015-08-12 21:02:11 -04:00
Solomon Peachy ba2f964c6a dnpds40: More fixes to rewind support on the DS620.
Previous comit broke all sizes that couldn't legitimately be rewound.  oops.
2015-08-10 20:00:58 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 84575600e4 dnpds40: Allow usb iserialnumber visibility to be configured.
Also, decouple it from the DS620, since it'll be available on other
models eventually
2015-08-06 09:54:49 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 0a44ac0906 dnpds40: Left out 4x6*2. 2015-07-31 20:57:15 -04:00
Solomon Peachy b3718e1f12 s6145: More fixes. 2015-07-27 22:08:56 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 1783bdb3c4 shinko_s6145: Add initial support for the binary 6145 library.
...In the hope that this can be replaced.
2015-07-27 21:22:25 -04:00
Solomon Peachy f04753bbf2 docs: Add info on the preliminary, non-functional s6145 backend. 2015-07-27 12:20:33 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 114202d7f5 shinko6145: Add a preliminary backend. Does NOT include library work. 2015-07-26 23:05:21 -04:00
Solomon Peachy e5a2fff2b1 kodak1400: Add another printer error we've seen. 2015-07-24 23:37:36 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 79279ee4ea build: Clean up the makefile a bit. Use c99 to build. 2015-07-24 23:37:12 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 5ffc5f3f8e mitsu70x: Fix up some compile warnings on some compilers. 2015-07-24 23:36:50 -04:00