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Solomon Peachy 8e35e5608b all: It's 2016 now, update the copyright text.
Also, correct the initial dates for a few of the backends.
2016-01-24 09:44:19 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 5dda0018d2 all: Get rid of a little more getopt detritus. 2015-08-25 22:47:26 -04:00
Solomon Peachy b343d56f1e all: Get rid of the remainder of the old two-stage cmdline parsing
All backend->cmdline_arg() invocations are done with intent to execute!
2015-08-24 18:49:51 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 175f6a52d8 all: For printers that automatically generate copies, get rid of
leftover manual copy handling code.

The exception is the dnp backend, it needs do use manual copies under
some situations.
2015-08-20 23:13:52 -04:00
Solomon Peachy db0c7d8b99 all: Eliminate the multi-stage cmdline parsing.
Unfortunately this means we lose the '-B backend' method, but the
overall control flow is much, much simpler now.
2015-08-13 21:09:56 -04:00
Solomon Peachy de8a32424c all: Unified approach to extra_vid/pid/type
This required a modification to all attach() methods.

Also, fix canonselphy's parsing/attachment code.
2015-08-12 22:56:29 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 20f6d05b8a common: Rework the early cmdline argument parsing code to improve robustness
Also move fast_return out of individual backends and into common code.
2015-08-12 21:02:11 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 4489c1c0a5 misc: Clean up buffer overflows identified by cppcheck 2015-07-04 09:45:48 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 24c3550feb all: Ensure all malloc() failures are caught and logged. 2015-06-23 20:48:52 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 746e3feebb mitsu9550: Log the details when we fail due to a media mismatch. 2015-01-22 13:25:48 -05:00
Solomon Peachy b7e39c63be mitsu9550: Try to validate all known print sizes against all media types. 2015-01-17 08:46:50 -05:00
Solomon Peachy bb121400d1 mitsu9550: Fix a missing '\n' in an error message. 2015-01-16 07:48:02 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 51364fc5a1 9550 is not longer WIP. 2015-01-10 17:42:11 -05:00
Solomon Peachy b5ae78f1da mitsu9550: Fix an inverted test. 2015-01-07 21:58:11 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 1741c7fa16 mitsu9550: Fix swapped row/col fields in one of the headers. 2015-01-07 10:22:26 -05:00
Solomon Peachy b731dc04f8 Update copyright notice. 2015-01-05 21:39:22 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 6263ef69fa mitsu9550: Fix more boneheaded errors in serial number parsing, and
also a structure mis-definition which broke job parsing.
2014-12-25 08:23:18 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 94d4f9b8a6 mitsu9550: reword a couple of messages. No functional change. 2014-12-20 15:16:26 -05:00
Solomon Peachy bc1eb4b263 mitsu9550: Add a 'status' query. 2014-12-20 12:43:22 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 8156427487 mitsu9550: Another attempt to fix serial number parsing.
For something so simple, I seem to keep making stupid mistakes.
2014-12-19 14:45:49 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 4561b6fef0 mitsu9550: Fix the media query; boneheaded mistake in the structure definition. 2014-12-17 19:23:41 -05:00
Solomon Peachy f3a10a71cb mitsu9550: Another bug in the serial number code. 2014-12-17 12:49:37 -05:00
Solomon Peachy b99eb92479 mitsu9550: Two fixes: serial number query, and hopefully prevent a
stack smash.
2014-12-17 11:43:38 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 125a4ef832 misc: Fix up some return codes to respect CUPS_BACKEND_* 2014-12-17 07:33:51 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 6b54cbcb89 mitsu9550: Fix a boneheaded mistake in the readback code. 2014-12-17 07:21:22 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 69ac5046ea mitsu9550: Add in a 'fast return' mode.
This won't wait for print completion, but will return as soon as the
printer has said it's ready for another print job.
2014-12-16 21:51:14 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 5db5ea74e3 mitsu9550: Theoretically code complete. 2014-12-15 09:11:41 -05:00
Solomon Peachy a6eee17f72 mitsu9550: Add in the majority of the printing logic. 2014-12-15 08:25:05 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 9be39abb7d mitsu9550: explicitly track 9550 vs 9550-S variants. 2014-12-15 08:01:03 -05:00
Solomon Peachy c04f6d8cad mitsu9550: Fix USB PID descriptions to be more accurate. 2014-12-15 07:57:29 -05:00
Solomon Peachy d801e45b05 mitsu9550: Add media query command, document all structs, and describe
the reverse engineereed protocol we'll be implementing.
2014-12-14 20:52:21 -05:00
Solomon Peachy df5447becd mitsu9550: Add serial number query. 2014-12-14 19:09:32 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 09f350ea66 mitsu9550: Printer can generate copies on its own. 2014-12-14 18:10:01 -05:00
Solomon Peachy da5ae0e152 mitsu9550: Initial WIP of the Mitsubishi CP-9550DW-S backend.
Just committing it so I don't lose it.
2014-12-11 16:16:56 -05:00