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Solomon Peachy c4a36dbc2f dnpds40: Add support for DS620-specific multicut-types 2015-06-16 18:47:12 -04:00
Solomon Peachy dc86a3a345 whitespace cleanup 2015-06-14 15:28:20 -04:00
Solomon Peachy e373d06760 dnpds40: Query remaining media to see if we can complete job
* This lets us properly halt the queue if the media has run out
 * Print a warning if we can start, but have insufficient media to finish
2015-06-14 11:33:08 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 7b8844daa9 dnpds40: Query DS620-specific configuration flags.
* Media end keep mode
 * Report serial number in USB descriptor
 * Standby delay time

Still need to allow them to be set
2015-06-14 09:23:02 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 15a8bd7761 dnpds40: Add Color data version/checksum fetches for DS620. 2015-06-14 09:15:24 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 9b52766140 dnpds40: Add support for DS620 media rewind

   * sanity-check FULL_CUTTER
   * detect standby support.

Note that Gutenprint still needs updating for DS620.
2015-06-14 09:05:55 -04:00
Solomon Peachy e635d804e9 dnpds40: Handle (and sanity-check) 3.5x5*2 prints.
still needs work on Gutenprint.
2015-06-13 22:34:54 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 7edbf0239c misc: add DNP DS620 and RX1 to distinct printer types.
They are subtly different than each other, and the DS40.
2015-06-13 17:22:02 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 000f6aa1cc dnpds40: Query firmware version, and sanity-check print job against it.
Error out if the firmware doesn't support requested job -- eg matte
printing, or 2x6 printing.  Also, only allow 2x6 cuts on 6x4 or 6x8
2015-06-13 17:20:19 -04:00
Solomon Peachy a53eb4c09d dnpds40: Validate horizontal size to determine if job is for DS80 or everything else. 2015-06-13 12:25:45 -04:00
Solomon Peachy c661edaff0 dnpds40: Don't perform job sanity checks if there is no job! 2015-06-13 12:06:33 -04:00
Solomon Peachy d7e2685a0f dnpds40: Be more flexible with the multicut validation.
It's primarily used for media/buffer validation and optimization, so if
it's missing use the most conservative settings and warn the user.

Newer gutenprint (5.2.11-pre) won't trigger this.
2015-06-13 12:01:08 -04:00
Solomon Peachy b6d6351bbd dnpds40: Improve error message WRT multicut. 2015-06-11 08:42:52 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 95651e7685 dnpds40: Handle the presence (or lack thereof) of the BUFFCNTRL
and QTY commands in the data stream.
2015-06-11 08:41:25 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 4e3282377f dnpds40: Start trying to tokenize the sensor data.
Also add placeholders for the DS80DX and DS620.
2015-06-10 23:37:27 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 8c4be91f64 dnpds40: Move the MULTICUT detection to earlier in the process.
Basically, we abort as soon as we know it's missing.
2015-06-09 08:33:13 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 338da49377 dnpds40: Media lot code is ASCII. 2015-06-08 23:45:06 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 5d376819d2 dnpds40: Update Media Lot Code query to reflect full data width. 2015-06-08 23:40:04 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 460cce639a dnpds40: Turn on resumption of print job when a soft error is resolved.
(ie when we run out of media, resume printing when we continue)

Also implement a couple of minor cleanups.

Still to come:  Query printer version, and sanity-check features.  Also
perhaps query the remaining media before a print?
2015-06-08 23:17:12 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 0edced1c9f dnpds40: Sanity-check printjob type against loaded media.
Also cleanly abort the job if the printer kicks back a data/mediatype
2015-06-08 08:06:18 -04:00
Solomon Peachy fbb4cdf441 dnpds40: Fix errors in the free buffer detection code.
Some other code rearrangements too.
2015-05-31 18:00:39 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 9112d21de4 updr150: Get rid of a redundant debug message. 2015-05-29 14:04:46 -04:00
Solomon Peachy 178fe66bb6 icm: Add various sRGB profiles. 2015-05-16 19:15:58 -04:00
Solomon Peachy d39837bf2f s1245: Whitespace fixes. 2015-05-14 18:08:59 -04:00
Solomon Peachy e3843ab52d s1245: Fix use of 'switch' instead of 'if'
2015-05-14 18:08:33 -04:00
Solomon Peachy c8aa3c47da shinkos2145: Update backend with a complete list of all error codes. 2015-02-24 23:39:57 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 5863e7bd30 Docs: Note that Sinfonia provided documentation for the s1245. Thank you! 2015-02-21 10:53:53 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 04d1bbff04 s2145: One more 1245 reference removed. 2015-02-19 21:33:06 -05:00
Solomon Peachy dece0d8975 s1245: Textual descriptions of tone curves. 2015-02-19 21:32:43 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 97112f91a4 s1245: Only set matte intensity if the printer's stored value is different. 2015-02-18 21:20:59 -05:00
Solomon Peachy d198f0493b s1245: We can't set the matte intensity if we have a print in progress.
Ideally we could query the existing state, and only update if it
2015-02-18 21:14:00 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 0e39bf9ee4 s1245: Set the matte intensity when performing a matte print. 2015-02-18 21:07:50 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 87bc69642c s1245: Add tone curve support. 2015-02-18 21:00:32 -05:00
Solomon Peachy c9ab39eff8 s1245: Flesh out error reporting and handlig around the main print routine.
...It's ready for testing now, I think.  Any volunteers?
2015-02-10 22:39:18 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 8ac7aba333 s1245: Initial print command implemented. 2015-02-09 21:46:25 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 4a34c4e740 s1245: Implement the canceljob command.
All that's left is the actual printing.  And testing all of this on a
real printer.
2015-02-08 20:34:30 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 06320b61db s1245: Add support for querying and setting the user string.
...AKA the "serial number" we need to report to CUPS.
2015-02-08 20:19:44 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 5661725a3b s1245: Add media query support, and start fleshing out the main loop. 2015-02-08 19:50:22 -05:00
Solomon Peachy f7d2f6e764 s2145: Minor improvements:
* Don't issue a media query on every state machine loop
 * Upon receiving a printer error, just abort.
 * When waiting for a state change, don't run the state machine.
 * Consolidate error detection into the main status query
2015-02-08 19:50:19 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 2c69ca34dc s1245: Add printer status command. 2015-02-08 18:59:26 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 9049231db1 s1245: Fleshing out structure definitions.
Next up:  query status, parsing status, etc.
2015-02-08 15:33:17 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 261a86f0b6 s1245: Data structures
Still need to define flags and whatnot.
2015-02-08 13:17:33 -05:00
Solomon Peachy dc7ba45fe2 s1245: Create a new backend for the Shinko s1245.
Shinko S1245 uses a different command language as the other Shinko
models, so it's not going to share much commonality with the 2145
2015-02-08 12:11:16 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 0c5a6bf77b Add the Shinko S6125/S6245 to the blacklist. 2015-02-07 20:17:29 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 91631651bc shinko2145: Make it work again.
1) early_parse returning bogus codes
 2) media query in main loop sending wrong command
 3) printer type in early_parse printed incorrectly
2015-02-01 13:32:36 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 6108de19f4 Patch readme updates. 2015-02-01 10:00:52 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 6bc18eebdb Add patches to enable multicut modes in Gutenprint. 2015-01-29 13:07:28 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 746e3feebb mitsu9550: Log the details when we fail due to a media mismatch. 2015-01-22 13:25:48 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 7a7d14687b shinkos2145: Add info on the Brava 21 2015-01-21 19:40:39 -05:00
Solomon Peachy 62186cbc73 Fix the 2x6 testjob. 2015-01-21 19:04:00 -05:00